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Kickstarter May Be Reducing Its Workforce By Up To 45 Percent



kickstarter may be reducing its workforce by up to 45 percent

Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform may be laying off almost half of its workforce as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages its business. In a recent message to Gizmodo, the company has confirmed plans to reduce a good portion of its workforce after the OPEIU said it had ratified a layoff agreement on May 1, 2020. The union said layoffs could affect up to 45 percent of the workforce.

The terms could ensure a relatively soft landing for those who leave. The arrangement provides four months of severance pay as well as either four or six months of healthcare coverage, depending on the employee’s salary. They’ll be free to work for competitors like Indiegogo the moment they accept severance, and they’ll also have recall rights to return to Kickstarter if a job similar to theirs opens up within the next year.

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As with a bunch of other tech industry layoffs during the pandemic, this comes down to a matter of basic survival. It’s not clear when it’ll be safe for crowdfunding projects that depend on human-to-human interaction, and cuts like this may help Kickstarter endure that period of uncertainty.

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Airbnb Introduces New 24 Hour Gap Between Rentals




airbnb introduces new 24 hour gap between rentals

If you’re a big traveler and use Airbnb to book places to stay, you’ll be happy to know that your experience may become a lot cleaner.

The popular app has just announced some new coronavirus-related policies. As of May, Airbnb will strongly encourage hosts to clean and sanitize rooms after visitors leave using new, comprehensive cleaning guidelines. In addition to that, hosts will have to leave at least 24 hours between one visitor leaving and another one checking in.

These new cleaning guidelines, geared toward COVID-19 prevention, recommend gloves, masks, and specific disinfectants. Hosts can enroll in the cleaning protocol program and get certified, which will show up on their Airbnb profiles. In other words, you’ll know if a host has adopted the new cleaning standards.

According to Airbnb’s press release, hosts can choose not to commit to these guidelines. But they’ll need a 72 hour space between guests.

Airbnb hosts had to cancel and refund bookings once the coronavirus pandemic started, hemorrhaging money in the process. The company set up a fund to offer some relief to those hosts, and these new policies could potentially bring some of that lost business back.

Read Now: Kickstarter May Be Reducing Its Workforce By Up To 45 Percent

One could argue strenuous cleaning standards should have existed before the pandemic. But once people feel comfortable traveling again, they can at least get the peace of mind that comes from a sanitized bedroom.

Do you think these new policies will help users make a more informed booking decision? Let us know in the comments!

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