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The Stator Electric Scooter Can Now Be Yours For $4000



the stator electric scooter can now be yours

In early 2019, there were a lot of images and videos circulating around the Internet of a unique looking electric scooter with huge wheels and a slanted off-center frame. That electric scooter concept, which was made by Stator, went viral, but wasn’t available for purchase back then. Well, it is now.

The US-based company says it has finally lined up a manufacturing partner, making it now available for preorder. The scooter will be produced and delivered by a company called NantMobility.

Stator Electric Scooter 1

The scooter’s overall design really sets it apart from the current crop of electric kick scooters made by Chinese companies like Segway-Ninebot and Xiaomi that so far have dominated the market. Don’t believe us? The specs prove that. The Stator electric scooter is no feather, clocking in at a staggering 40.8 kg. That’s a lot heavier than most electric cargo bikes! The scooter’s extreme weight could however deter customers who are looking for something slightly more portable.

Scooter Performance
Stator Electric Scooter 2

What it lacks in portability, it makes up for in speed. The scooter can accelerate to an impressive 48km/hr, which doesn’t make it the fastest electric two-wheeler on the market, but certainly outpaces any Bird or Lime scooter by a long shot. The motor has a peak power rating of 1000W, and the lithium-ion battery can be fully recharged in just 4 hours.

Stator Electric Scooter 3

Stator didn’t provide a specific range estimate, but the company said it will run for more than one hour following a charging session. There are four riding modes: Limp, Eco, Sport, and X.

Stator Electric Scooter 4

A digital display, embedded along that uniquely off-kilter handlebar that emerges from the left side of the scooter, shows the battery life and speed. This is the Stator scooter’s most interesting and arresting design choice and what is likely to truly set it apart from its competitors.

What About Those Wheels?
Stator Electric Scooter 5

What about those really wide tires? They are a thick 46cm by 20cm, which is sure to give this scooter some leeway for off-road adventures on soft, unstable terrain. The one-piece aluminum wheels have a “fan blade design” that serves as both a cooling device and optimal braking ability. Its “military grade tires” are durable and quiet.

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Where Can I Get One?
Stator Electric Scooter 6

The Stator electric scooter is now available for preorder. Customers who have an extra $3,995 laying around for an electric scooter can reserve one now for a $250 deposit. Only 500 of the company’s “Launch Edition” scooters are available to be shipped, and only in the US.

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