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12 Arab Women Dominating Instagram In 2020



12 arab women dominating instagram in 2020

If you’re anything like me, you spend more time than you’d like to admit scrolling through your social media feed, admiring people with posts and stories that inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself. With Instagram becoming such a huge facet of our everyday lives, it’s obvious that a lot of our taste is dictated by what we see in our feeds. And just like in previous generations where endorsers showed up in television commercials and print ads, there’s a new crop of tastemakers who are here to lead the way. Instagram influencers come from different walks of life and have different interests and different types of content, but one thing’s for certain – they know what they like, and why they like it. That being said, let’s take a look at 12 Arab women dominating Instagram in 2020.

#1 – Renee Farah

Renee Farah - Arab Women Dominating Instagram

Renee Farah is a Lebanese TV presenter based in Dubai. She started her career as a TV anchor presenting several shows on major networks like Rotana, and Abu Dhabi TV. Being in the media industry, it didn’t take long for Renee to become an instant social media sensation.

She has accumulated well over a million followers through Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, and shares daily doses of fashion and beauty tips in addition to fun and entertaining videos.

Renee is well known on social media for her engaging makeup and skincare tutorials, and never misses the chance to share her passion for the latest fashion trends with her community.

Followers: 1.2M
Instagram: @ReneeFF

#2 – Deema Al Asadi

Deema Al Asadi - Arab Women Dominating Instagram

Say hello to Deema Al Asadi, one the of the Middle East’s top lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Born in Iraq and based in Dubai, she originally majored in dentistry before becoming an Instagram star.

According to Deema, the transition happened purely by chance. “I started posting my outfits because I love inspiring others, then I realized people wanted to know more. So, I began giving style tips.” Deema says. Known for her incredible personality, super chic wardrobe, and amazing looks, she is also a new mother who shares her journey on motherhood with her followers.

Deema takes her role as a social media influencer very seriously, emphasizing that “We have to be careful in our choices and honest with our reviews”.

Followers: 925K
Instagram: @DeemaAlAsadi

#3 – Tamara Jamal

Tamara Jamal - Arab Women Dominating Instagram

Tamara Jamal is a Lebanese social media personality and TV presenter who was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. She has attracted hundreds of thousands of women from the GCC and all across the Middle East through her love for beauty, fashion, traveling, and obviously TV presenting.

Having earned a solid name in the fashion and beauty community, Tamara is currently the face in International fashion weeks in London, Paris, and Milan. She has previously secured projects with brands like Bulgari, Rolls Royce, Huawei, Sephora, and BMW to name a few. She is also a brand ambassador working closely with the Dubai Tourism Authority on key retail events happening in the city.

Her presence in the region has grabbed the attention of major media publications such as Vogue Arabia, Grazia Middle East, Cosmopolitan, and Sayidaty. Tamara is currently working on launching her very first brand in Dubai, taking her into the rewarding world of entrepreneurship.

Followers: 674K
Instagram: @Tamara.Jamal

#4 – Salama Mohamed

Salama Mohamed

If you’ve heard of Khalid Al Ameri, famous for his videos of motivation and positivity, then you most certainly know his wife, Salama Mohamed. Salama is a well reputable Emirati entrepreneur that leads by example and is an inspiration to many young Arab women.

From a young age, Salama succeeded not only in starting a family, but also in establishing several successful businesses, among which her very own fine pearls jewelry line. Being a mother of two didn’t stop this aspiring young Emirati from pursuing her personal dreams, and for years she has empowered women through sharing her true personality, struggles, and teaching them that they can be perfect in every way.

Salama continuously spreads positivity and smiles through her Instagram posts and doesn’t shy away from sharing her life with her beautiful family with her followers.

Followers: 686K
Instagram: @SalamaMohamed

#5 – Fatma Husam

Fatma Husam

Fatma Husam is a 26-year-old, Dubai-born modest fashion influencer. She holds a BBA in Aviation Management and started her journey with modest clothing at a time when it was yet to be in style.

Fatma proudly took part in spreading this “less cool” regional way of dressing, to what is now a global industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. She aims to continue supporting this growth and make it the “cooler” way of dressing. Her career inspired the inauguration of her own jewelry brand, MAS Jewels.

Always seeking to support local businesses, she strongly believes in women empowerment and the ability for women to inspire change throughout the world.

Followers: 571K
Instagram: @Fatmaa

#6 – Mayada Sleiman

Mayada Sleiman

Mayada Sleiman is Instagram’s Lebanese sweetheart. Her approachable personality and genuine character shine through every post and story, granting her a very loyal fan base from all over the Arab world. She’s also the representation of the modern mother, being a young mother of two beautiful boys herself.

Mayada loves inspiring other women into revealing their own true self and encouraging them to never shy away from their true identity. In her own words, Mayada says “Love yourself the way you are, believe in yourself, follow your dreams no matter how big or small they might be, and if you fail try again and again even if no one believes in you”.

Mayada also loves to experiment with the newest beauty and fashion trends, but is always keen on showing her own personal taste: “In fashion, make sure to check out all available trends and styles but always choose what suits you and what flatters your body and reflects your personality”.

Followers: 436K
Instagram: @MayadaSleiman

#7 – Paola El Sitt

Paola El Sitt

Paola El Sitt, professionally known as Mlle Paola, is a Lebanese digital influencer, as well as a fashion and beauty entrepreneur. With a dual degree in Mass Communication, and Advertising & Marketing, Paola managed to establish a solid career in the fashion industry.

Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2016, when she launched her online platform “” which serves as a hub for local and international fashion and beauty brands. She even launched her own fragrance in 2018 called “MP by Mlle Paola” which gained immediate regional traction. Paola has appeared on the red carpet for countless events, and has worked with brands like Maybelline, Piaget, L’Oreal, and NYX to name a few.

With the current economic difficulties facing Lebanon, Paola recently relocated to Dubai in hopes to “reinvent her vision”. Her Instagram feed is rich in motivation, fashion advice, and inspiration for women.

Followers: 440K
Instagram: @Mlle_Paola

#8 – Noor Odeh

Noor Odeh

Originally Palestinian, Noor Odeh is an online fashion influencer that was born and raised in Abu Dhabi. In an exclusive conversation with Tech Magazine, Noor says “Fashion and beauty have always been a passion of mine. Six years ago, I started posting my daily looks on my private Instagram account for fun. After a while, a brand contacted me to work with them and requested my account to be on public to proceed. I agreed and little did I know, I was going to make a career out of it. The best part about it is that I absolutely love what I do”.

Noor recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Eliana, and has been sharing all sorts of topics related to motherhood with her community. During quarantine, she’s been sharing her love for cooking and baking by posting delicious recipes and mouth-watering dishes.

Noor’s account is filled with valuable content ranging from fashion and beauty, to lifestyle and motherhood.

Followers: 332K
Instagram: @NoorOdeh7

#9 – Mais Mustafa

Mais Mustafa

Based in Dubai, Mais Mustafa is an Iraqi wife, mother, and social media influencer. The 31-year-old computer engineer decided to quit her job and join the world of social media. To her luck, she managed to succeed in doing so!

She enjoys making content for her community with a primary focus on lifestyle, but also finds the time to create posts related to fashion, makeup, motherhood, and even cooking. In her own words, Mais tells us “The world of social media is not as easy as it looks, it goes through ups and downs and there is a lot of competition nowadays. The most important thing for is to always be yourself and don’t try too hard, let it come naturally”.

Followers: 303K
Instagram: @Mais.Mustafa

#10 – Rita Dahdah Fawaz

Rita Dahdah Fawaz

Rita Dahdah is a Lebanese fashion and lifestyle influencer residing between Beirut and Doha. She started her first blog in 2010, sharing her take on social satire, relationship advice, personal experiences, individuality, and feminism. In parallel, she wrote fashion and lifestyle columns and articles for various online and print magazines and her style has been featured in several of the region’s leading magazines and TV networks.

Already a marketing major, she followed her life-long love for fashion and attended a fashion styling program at FIT NYC in 2013, then began expanding her reach on Instagram in the same year. She strives to encourage individuality, spread positivity, share her travels, thoughts, and her take on style, empower women, as well as promote talented, up and coming designers. Rita currently collaborates with international and local brands, people, and organizations she believes in and are related to her lifestyle and brand and is in the process of launching her new vlog.

A first-time mother, Rita also supports humanitarian causes and NGOs like UNICEF, especially those related to children. In addition, Rita has given seminars and workshops about influencer marketing in both Beirut and Cairo, and collaboratively designed her own scarf in 2016, and jewelry capsule collection in 2019.

Followers: 186K
Instagram: @Riri_Dada

#11 – Mia Hashem

Mia Hashem

Mia Hashem is a Lebanese certified personal trainer based in Beirut and has an Instagram account that will leave you nothing but motivated. The 23-year-old has a passion for fitness and has been promoting the latest in sportswear fashion for the past three years.

Mia likes to consider herself a globetrotter, traveling all over the world, seeing new places, meeting new faces, and trying out exquisite foods. Seeing that most of the world is under quarantine, Mia has been giving one-on-one training sessions to clients virtually via online platforms and video calls. She says that a lot of people are finding this helpful, including herself.

In a word with Tech Magazine, Mia said “We are passing through a hard time that will test our patience, creating the best version of ourselves by testing our limits. We must follow the CDC guidelines, remain hopeful, and this too shall pass. Phone your loved ones, your friends, hug your pets, spring clean your homes, and remain positive! Remember to exercise and eat healthy, it is extremely essential to get this into your daily routine as it will help your body and soul”.

Followers: 100K
Instagram: @MiaHashem

#12 – Clara Abou Nassar

Clara Abou Nassar

Clara Abou Nassar is an upcoming Instagram sensation. The 22-year-old Lebanese/Canadian is a licensed dietitian, a certified personal trainer, and will stop at nothing to get you in shape.

Her fitness journey began three years ago when she first joined the gym, and started using social media to share nutritional tips, workout ideas and promoting gym looks and sportswear. “My goal is to retain my feminine looks, to be toned and lean, and help others achieve their health goals as well” Clara says. She has even created a 12-week beginner’s workout program called “my booty and body toning program” that comes with a detailed diet plan tailored in a way that suits all body types for women.

In the future, Clara plans on opening her own diet kitchen for healthy catering, and to launch her own website filled with workout plans as well as diet plans. She adds “This way I will be able to help more people achieve their goal and I’ll always remind them that everyone is able to reach their fitness goals, all you need is motivation to stick to the right plan”.

Followers: 56K
Instagram: @ClaraAbouNassar

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Do you currently follow any of these incredible women? Have we missed anyone who you think should be added? Let us know in the comments below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rima Kassis

    August 29, 2020 at 12:19 PM

    I follow most of these ladies and I can confirm they are beautiful and incredible people who are definitely worth following on Instagram! 😊

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see all Facebook friend requests on mobile

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see all Facebook friend requests on mobile 3

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cancel pending Facebook friend requests

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