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Tech Magazine is proud to partner with the MENA region’s biggest tech brands and tech event organizers. From Samsung to Web Summit, our partnerships have exposed countless tech brands to a global audience. Today’s technology trends are transforming the way we live. Our audience wants to know how your brand will transform their life. Through a strategic partnership with Tech Magazine, you can show them how your product, innovation, or business will do precisely that.

Why Partner With Us?

Industry-Leading Content: We aren’t just another tech blog. We are a team of passionate technopreneurs located in the heart of the Middle East who cut through the technobabble to deliver industry-leading content.

Future-Focused: Our content hones in on the future of tech and empowers our readers to expand their knowledge. Partnering with us showcases your brand as a tech powerhouse.

Wide-Readership: With more than 3,000 daily website visitors, we deliver your brand to a wider regional audience when you partner with us.

Our Partnerships

We are passionate about partnering with brands and event organizers who share our values and focus. Event organizers benefit from a partnership with Tech Magazine thanks to our global reach, extensive readership, and shared focus for a future powered by technology.

We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with some of the leading tech brands in the region and served as media partners for several tech events and conferences:

  • IDC
  • CoinDesk
  • Samsung
  • Binance
  • Step Group
  • Black Hat MEA
  • Zoho
  • Agora
  • Trescon

What’s Your Vision?

Build Your Brand: Partnership with Tech Magazine can expose your brand to one of the world’s most coveted niches — tech-savvy millennials.

Grow Your Network: Establish your network in a new part of the world through a strategic partnership with Tech Magazine. Connect, engage, and inspire your audience, with us.

Share Your Tech: When you have an incredible product, you want to share it with the world. We’ll help you do that. Get your brand in front of the right audiences and make your innovation go viral.

Get In Touch To Partner With Tech Magazine

Whether you manage a brand, organize tech events, host tech conferences, or summits, we want to get to know you! Reach out to us to secure a partnership with our team before your next event.

All partnership inquiries should be directed to: partnerships[at]techmgzn[dot]com.