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By partnering with Tech Magazine, you can guarantee maximum online exposure for all your tech events. Some of our current partnerships and collaborations include:

2024 Events

step conference dubai 2024

2023 Events

gsma m360 mena saudi 2023 blackhat mea 2023 emerging tech summit saudi 2023
sccs summit dubai 2023 ctf ksa 2023 traicon kuwait 2023
idc cio summit saudi arabia 2023 traicon saudi 2023 coinfest asia 2023
finoverse radical finance 2023 asia coindesk consensus 2023 step conference dubai 2023
idc- cio summit 2023 leap saudi arabia 2023

2022 Events

gitex shopper 2022 agora - global blockchain congress 2022 blackhat mea 2022
idc - mena dx summit 2022 idc alliance 2022 uae

If you’re an event organizer and would like to list your event on our website, please get in touch with us at: partnerships[at]techmgzn[dot]com.