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AKcess Brings Its Blockchain-Based Digital ID Solution To Kuwait

Designed to make both paper and online forms obsolete, AKcess uses nothing but a smartphone app to collect and validate KYC data.



akcess brings its blockchain-based digital id solution to kuwait

Companies in the financial sector, as well as governments and enterprises, spend a lot of time, effort, and money verifying the identities of their customers. That’s because the so-called Know Your Customer (KYC) process often relies on outdated technology and inefficient manual processes. AKcess would like to revolutionize the KYC process using its secure digital ID solution for private and commercial use.

The solution takes advantage of blockchain technology (the same technology that powers and secures cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin), using it to immutably store collected user data.

Designed to make both paper and online forms obsolete, AKcess uses nothing but a smartphone app to collect and validate KYC data. The submitted information can then be verified in a number of different ways, such as by taking a selfie or using a third-party verifier. When a user approaches an institution that collects KYC information, he or she can simply share it via AKcess, making onboarding effortless.

“KYC is a major challenge for all financially regulated and unregulated companies, but the bigger challenge is to update the KYC after initial onboarding of a client,” said Nehme AbouZeid, Founding member and Chief Technology Officer of Akcess, in an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine. “Using a combination of our mobile app and our blockchain network, we were able to find a solution acceptable to all parties, the regulator and the institutions.”

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The blockchain-based digital ID solution could be a boon to banks, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and more. In other words, its impact could be significant.

AKcess has recently opened offices in Kuwait, and the company also has projects underway in several other countries in the Middle East including Egypt, UAE, and Qatar.

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event Will Take Place On August 11

In addition to 2 new foldable smartphones, you can also look forward to the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Buds 2.




samsung galaxy unpacked event will take place on august 11

After several leaks, Samsung has officially confirmed the date and time when its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event will take place: August 11, 2021 at 10 AM EST.

Besides the confirmation, Samsung has rewarded its fans for their patience by releasing an official trailer that hints at the products that will soon be revealed in their full glory.

“Change is the only constant in the world of innovation. By driving new ideas forward and transforming existing experiences, it redefines the boundaries of what’s possible,” the official press release says. “As the excitement for the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked on August 11 continues to build, Samsung Electronics has released a trailer teasing the surprises that lie in wait for Galaxy fans.”

The products teased by the trailer are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (check out the complete leaked Galaxy device lineup). Both are foldable smartphones, but each targets different customers.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 folds along the vertical axis, and it’s expected to boast a huge 7.7-inch interior display and a smaller exterior display, giving users plenty of screen real estate for basic apps and multimedia alike. It could be Samsung’s first smartphone with an under-display camera, and it will certainly be powered by Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line processor.

samsung galaxy z fold 3

As the name suggests, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 folds along the horizontal axis, allowing it to comfortably hide even inside the tiny pockets so many women’s pants come with. Just like its larger relative, it will come with flagship specifications, so playing the latest games or taking beautiful pictures at night shouldn’t be a problem.

samsung galaxy z flip 3

In addition to the two foldable smartphones, you can also look forward to the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Buds 2.

samsung galaxy watch 4

How To Watch The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event will be accessible only to online viewers, and you’ll be able to tune it either directly from or on YouTube.

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