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Myki Password Manager & 2FA Authenticator Review



myki password manager 2fa authenticator review

It seems that a week doesn’t go by without a large-scale data breach making the headlines. What’s worse, most people don’t realize that their credentials have been stolen until it’s already too late. While you can’t do much about the security of the websites and online services you rely on, you can significantly minimize the consequences of a data breach by using a password manager like Myki.

What Is Myki Password Manager?

Myki is a free password manager whose purpose is to securely store and manage passwords across your devices. It’s intended for individuals, enterprises, and managed deployments and available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and all major web browsers.

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As we explain in detail in the section dealing with security, Myki is different from other password managers because it stores data locally – not on its servers or in a third-party cloud storage solution. This means that even if Myki’s servers were breached, your passwords would still be safe.

Main Features

Like all password managers, Myki makes it easy to log into any website or app by remembering passwords for you. In addition to passwords, you can use Myki to securely manage credit cards, government IDs, personal documents, and all other sensitive information. Paying users can organize their items with custom tags and fields or by creating custom profiles.

myki password manager items screenshot

If you install Myki on multiple devices, you can seamlessly synchronize all stored information between them. You can also share access to your accounts with other users without revealing your passwords and revoke access to shared accounts at any time.

To protect you from brute-force attacks, Myki comes with a password generator that can generate complex passwords of up to 99 characters, including numbers, capitals, and special symbols. While the password generator is not as customizable as it could be (for example, it doesn’t let you specify the minimum number of special symbols), it does fulfill its purpose of generating nearly uncrackable passwords.

Because all passwords, regardless of how strong they are, should be combined with at least one more authentication method, Myki simplifies multi-factor authentication by securely storing your authentication tokens and automatically filling them when you need to log in – no more SMS messages and annoying authenticator apps.

myki password manager review screenshot

The last feature worth highlighting is the Security Dashboard. Its purpose is to evaluate the strength of your passwords and give you a total security score. At the time of writing, the Security Dashboard doesn’t take into consideration password age, and it also doesn’t check passwords against public databases of password breaches. Hopefully, Myki developers will introduce this functionality in a future update.

Getting Started With Myki Password Manager

Setting up Myki is easy and takes just a few minutes. First, you need to install the Myki app on your smartphone, from which you can then authenticate Myki on other devices.

  1. Install Myki from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Launch Myki on your smartphone.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Verify your phone number.
  5. Create a six-digit PIN code to access Myki.

You will then be prompted to install Myki on other devices. Users of other password managers, such as Google Passwords, Dashlane, KeePass, 1Password, or LastPass, will be pleased to know that they can import their existing passwords to Myki in less than a minute using the Myki web browser extension. It’s similarly easy to export passwords from Myki and store them as a CSV file.

import your passwords into myki

You can find download links to the desktop version of Myki at the bottom of its website. To autofill passwords in your web browser, go to the Myki Install page and install the appropriate browser add-on.

pairing qr code

Add the device to your Myki account by scanning the displayed QR code or entering the pairing code. You can then go to the advanced menu and import your passwords. A new password can be added by clicking on the plus icon in the Vault.

reddit browser autofill

When you visit a website that’s saved in your Vault, the Myki owl icon will show in the login field, and you can click on it and select your account. Myki will automatically fill in both the username and password for you.


As we’ve already mentioned, Myki doesn’t store any passwords in the cloud. Instead, the database with your passwords is stored on your smartphone, encrypted with the AES256-CBC encryption algorithm, which is regarded as one of the most secure encryption standards in the world. The only piece of information that’s stored on Myki’s servers is the hashed version of the phone number you signed up with.

The AES encryption is also used for password sharing, which happens via a P2P encrypted link between the Myki app and the Myki browser extension or desktop app. No sensitive information is ever exchanged via the internet, making it impossible for an intruder to infiltrate your network and capture your passwords in transit.

Myki gives you the option to create a secure backup on any authenticated device, allowing you to recover your passwords when something happens to your phone. The developers are currently implementing a feature that would make it possible to back up their passwords on someone else’s device, sort of like giving a spare key to a friend.


Individual users don’t have to pay anything for Myki. Teams that would like to use Myki to manage their passwords will be charged $4.99 per user per month if subscribed to the monthly plan, or $3.99 per user per month if subscribed to the annual plan.

Myki’s pro features (custom tags, custom account images, custom profiles, custom fields, Android watch support) can be unlocked either by paying for each feature individually (roughly $3 per feature) or by purchasing all pro features in a discounted bundle (roughly $10).


Myki is an innovative password manager that provides an alternative to cloud-based password management without robbing its users of the convenience associated with it. Its free version doesn’t have any major limitations, and the few locked features can be unlocked individually.

4.5 Reviewer
0 Users (0 votes)
• Free with no major limitations.
• Multi-platform.
• Stores passwords locally.
• Password sharing.
• Polished user interface.
• Smooth auto-fill.
• Basic password generator.
• Limited reporting capabilities.

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Have you given Myki a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Anghami Review – The MENA’s Favorite Music Streaming Service




anghami review the menas favorite music streaming service

Only a few tech companies have impacted the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as much as Anghami. Now, nearly a decade after its launch, Anghami is the leading music streaming service in the region, but is it still the best? Read our detailed Anghami review to find out.

What Is Anghami?

Anghami (“my tunes” in Arabic) is a music streaming service offering a broad catalog of local and international music to listeners in the MENA region.

anghami review desktop app home screenshot

The service was founded in 2012 by Eddy Maroun (the current CEO) and Elie Habib. The co-founders came up with the idea to create a MENA-specific streaming service on a ski trip in 2010. Unable to access their iTunes accounts, they were left with only one option on how to listen to their favorite artists: music piracy and illegal P2P file-sharing services.

According to Habib, music piracy is still Anghami’s biggest competition in the region, which is why the service goes to great lengths to justify legal music streaming as a worthy alternative.

Music Catalog

Anghami offers the largest music catalog of licensed content in the MENA region, comprising of more than 30 million songs. It has partnerships with local labels such as Melody, Mazzika, and Platinum Records, in addition to EMI, Sony, Universal, and other international labels.

top charts

From its launch until 2018, Anghami had a partnership with Rotana, the Arab World’s largest record label. The partnership ended when a competing music streaming service, Deezer, signed an exclusive digital distribution agreement with Rotana.

The loss of Rotana reaffirmed Anghami’s focus on indie artists, who can upload content directly to the music streaming service through a dedicated artist dashboard. In association with its strategic partners, Anghami also produces its own content under the label Anghami Originals. The co-founders claim that their goal is to provide an alternative to artists who either don’t want to or were unable to sign a deal with a label.

In addition to the songs found in Anghami’s large music catalog, users can also upload their own music and play it on all devices. This feature is available only to Anghami Plus subscribers, and all songs need to be converted into .mp3 before uploading.

The Anghami Experience

website login page

To get started with Anghami, you first need to log in with your Facebook or Google account, or you can create an Anghami account using your email address. From there, you can download the Anghami mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices), install Anghami for Windows, or listen directly from your web browser.

promotional screenshots

The desktop app provides the most feature-packed listening experience because it lets you upload your own music, play, pause, skip and control the volume from your keyboard, and activate a compact mini-player for a simpler view and better control over your music.

When you launch Anghami, the first thing you’ll see is the Home tab, with hand-picked playlists, new releases, popular music videos, and charts. To start listening, all you need to do is select any content that catches your eye and click the Play button.

desktop app new releases screenshot

You can control the playback using familiar control buttons located at the bottom of the app. When listening to certain songs, you can display lyrics or play the official music video with the click of a button.

Anghami provides several ways for you to discover new music. When playing a song, you can click the Play more like this button to instantly add more songs that Anghami considers to be similar to the one you’re playing to your playback queue. Similar artists are also featured at the bottom of each artist’s profile page.

desktop app personal dj screenshot

When you don’t have any specific artist or song in mind and just want to brighten your day with some music, you can switch to the Personal DJ tab and play music based on your current mood, activity, or preferred genre. There are playlists for chilling, cooking, driving, focus, social gatherings, sleep, traveling, workouts, and much more.

Also worth mentioning is the Podcasts tab, which provides a fun way of learning about topics that interest you. The included podcasts come from MENA-based content creators, and many are not available outside the region.

Price Structure

Even though Anghami likes to present itself as a free music streaming service, it puts a lot of pressure on free users to purchase a premium subscription.

Free users can’t download music for offline listening, Scrub/Replay/Rewind in the player, skip as many times as they like, view lyrics for the currently playing song, or enjoy their music without ads and interruptions.

During the Anghami review, we weren’t even able to play a song without a pop-up window getting in the way and advertising 1 month of Anghami Plus for free. Judging by online reviews, there are many other users who have experienced the same issue.

google play store negative user review

With the free plan barely allowing us to listen to a whole song without interruptions, we took Anghami on its offer and signed up for Anghami Plus. We paid for the subscription using a credit card, but many other payment methods are supported as well, including Google Play, iTunes, PayPal, CashU, OneCard, Promocode, and over 30 direct carrier billing options.

The monthly price of Anghami Plus differs from country to country. For example, the monthly subscription in Egypt is $2.50, but European customers are billed $4.99 a month for the same service. Discounts are available to students, families, and customers of certain mobile operators.


Based on our comprehensive Anghami review, the music streaming service shows that there’s still room for local services even in the global era. Despite increasing competition for local and international players alike, it maintains its position as the king of music streaming in the MENA region. As long as you avoid the free plan and purchase one of several available subscription plans, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite artists and discover artists you’ve never heard of without any limitations.

4.5 Reviewer
0 Users (0 votes)
• Decent music catalog.
• Polished apps for all popular platforms.
• Attractive pricing.
• Support for independent artists.
• The free plan is very limited.
• Aggressive ads in free plan.
• No English podcasts available.
Music Catalog4.5

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Did you enjoy our Anghami review? Let us know in the comments below!

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