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Step Conference Announces Dates For 2023 Dubai Tech Festival

The popular technology expo will take place in Dubai’s Internet City and feature a retro future theme.



step conference announces dates for 2023 dubai tech festival

Step Conference has announced dates for the 11th Edition of its popular technology festival for emerging markets, which will take place in Dubai’s Internet City. The expo will take place between 22-23 February 2023 in the largest technology hub in the MENA region, which is currently home to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and startups.

This year the conference will focus on exploring a “retro future”, where past styles and trends mix with cutting-edge technology. In a first for the popular event, consumer brands will showcase their products to more than 8,000 consumers at a special Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Hub. As well as catching a glimpse of upcoming tech innovation, participants will also be able to enjoy a packed program of events:

  • Start Track: Covering the tech startup scene and all things digital.
  • Fintech Track: A deep dive into banks, payment gateways, and fintech.
  • Future Track: Exploring futuristic transport and autonomous technology.
  • Digital Track: Bringing together brand managers and digital influencers.
  • Wellness Track: Covering topics and trends on wellbeing and fitness technology.
  • Earth Track: Exploring greentech, sustainability, and environmental impact.

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of the 11th Edition of our conference and to provide a platform for the tech industry to come together, discuss and debate the latest and future trends. We wanted to focus on six tracks where we see past trends developing and impacting the future. Exploring retro-futurism and the dynamic between past and future technologies will help to pave the way for what is yet to come,” says Ray Dargham, CEO of Step.

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The event host, Dubai Internet City, has been home to a tech community of global and local businesses and startups since 1999, and has helped to put the UAE at the center of global technology innovation. Events like Step create important funding and networking opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs and help to raise the profile (and value) of an already booming digital economy.

If you’re interested in visiting Step Conference 2023, head over to the official booking page to register for tickets.


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Visit Iconic Mosques Worldwide With MetaMosque VR

For those with disabilities or economic challenges, visiting the Great Mosque of Mecca is now a real possibility.



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