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News Debuts “It’s On Amazon Prime” Campaign Videos

The promotional films were specifically developed for the UAE in conjunction with Saatchi & Saatchi Middle East.


on debuts it's on amazon prime campaign videos
Amazon has rolled out its latest “It’s on Prime” platform and introduced a regional promotional campaign specifically targeting the UAE. The campaign was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Middle East (ME) and consists of three new promo films and a range of social media ads, highlighting the variety of ways an Amazon Prime membership can make customers’ lives easier.

The films use a storytelling formula to promote benefits such as Free delivery, Amazon Fresh, and Prime Video, and feature a diverse collection of customers facing everyday challenges that can be solved by Amazon Prime.

Bruno Barbosa, Senior Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi ME, noted: “The biggest challenge was to find relevant and fresh insights that relate to the melting pot of nationalities across the UAE and craft stories that showcase all the benefits the brand has to offer without compromising on smooth and lighthearted storytelling”.

The first film shows a young woman moving out of her parents’ home. While the mother finds new ways to reach out as she misses her daughter, the young woman discovers a flair for cooking using Amazon Fresh and surprises her with a home-cooked dish.

In the second film, we see the day-to-day life of a couple with busy schedules and watch them find ways to connect. Amazon services help them buy items to make mornings easier, share home-cooked meals, and enjoy time watching their favorite shows.

The third film depicts the life of a family with a newborn baby. Amazon’s fast and free shipping helps them find simple ways to care for their baby while helping their eldest son connect with his younger brother.

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Amazon’s Head of Marketing for the Middle East and North Africa, Moemen Elhamalawy, said: “We are incredibly proud to share this regional installment of the campaign with our customers in the UAE. The campaign is about sharing the various ways members can make the most of their Prime membership [and] we are proud to have collaborated with the Saatchi & Saatchi team to bring this vision to life.”


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Truecaller To Use Microsoft Azure AI Speech For Call Answering

The new service features a powerful speech generation tool to allow users to create AI versions of their voices.



truecaller to use microsoft azure ai speech for call answering

Truecaller, a well-known app for identifying and blocking spam calls, is enhancing its services by allowing users to create AI versions of their voices. The new feature, available to those with access to Truecaller’s AI Assistant, stems from a partnership with Microsoft and its Azure AI Speech tool, allowing the generation of realistic AI voices that accurately mimic users’ speech patterns and tone.

“This groundbreaking capability not only adds a touch of familiarity and comfort for the users but also showcases the power of AI in transforming the way we interact with our digital assistants,” explained Truecaller product director and general manager Raphael Mimoun in a recent blog post.

The AI Assistant in Truecaller screens incoming calls, informing recipients of a caller’s purpose. Based on this information, users can decide whether to answer the call themselves or let the AI Assistant handle it.

When the feature was introduced in 2022, users could only choose from a collection of preset voices. The ability to record one’s own voice represents a significant step towards the complete personalization of the service.

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Azure AI Speech, showcased during the last Build conference, only recently added a personal voice feature that lets people record and replicate voices. Microsoft explained in a blog post, however, that Personal Voice is available on a limited basis and only for specific use cases like voice assistants.

To maintain ethical standards, Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech automatically adds watermarks to AI-generated voices. Additionally, a code of conduct requires companies to obtain full consent from individuals being recorded and prohibits impersonation.

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