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RelayThat Review: Easily Create Engaging Marketing Images

RelayThat is a next-generation design automation app that makes it possible to create stunning marketing images with just a few clicks.



relaythat review lets you easily create engaging marketing images

For brands to stand out and capture the attention of audiences across multiple online and offline channels, they must unify their brand assets to achieve a consistent look that represents their message and values.

Traditionally, brand assets were created using heavy-weight graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which are far from easy to use and are too expensive for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses.

RelayThat is a next-generation design automation app that makes it possible to create incredible marketing images for websites, social media posts, print and online ads, and other channels with just a few clicks — no graphic design skills required. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

What Is RelayThat & Who Is It For?

RelayThat describes itself as a design automation platform that takes the guesswork out of design, allowing its users to create professional marketing designs in a fraction of the time.

what is relaythat and who is it for

You can think of it as a modern alternative to traditional graphics editors. While it doesn’t offer nearly the same flexibility, options, and creative freedom as applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, it does make it possible to create attractive brand assets without wasting hours and days watching online tutorials and doing everything from scratch.

As such, it’s perfect for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, non-profit organizations, and everyone else who wants to see big results with minimal effort.


Now that you know what RelayThat is, you’re probably interested to learn more about its features. We won’t cover everything this design automation platform has to offer because this RelayThat review would end up too long for its own good, so let’s focus on the main features.

relaythat workspace

When you create a RelayThat account and sign in, you’re greeted with a dashboard showing you all recently used workspaces and saved designs. A workspace is essentially an instance of the RelayThat editor, where you can work on a specific set of brand assets. There are pre-defined workspaces for all kinds of projects, so getting started is very easy.

Since you can create multiple workspaces and switch between them with a single click, managing multiple brands and marketing campaigns is effortless. But workspace management is probably the least exciting aspect of RelayThat. The real fun begins when you enter a workspace and start generating jaw-dropping designs.

relaythat workspace presets

The image above shows an example workspace in all its beauty. In the middle, you can see your design in all of its glory. The right pane lets you change all images and text that was used to generate the design. Finally, the left pane is where you can switch between different layouts and access stock photographs, fonts, color pallets, and more.

According to RelayThat, users can choose from over 3 million royalty-free images with no usage fees or additional costs, and the selection of fonts and color pallets is just as impressive. All these design elements can be used to instantly generate everything from online ads to YouTube thumbnails to business cards. You simply need to select the layout that best fits your needs, customize it, and either save it or download it to your computer as a JPG or PNG file.

smartlayouts feature

RelayThat also makes it possible to create interactive designs with buttons thanks to its “Smart Layouts” feature. Again, all you need to do is pick a layout with buttons, customize it, and use it for your project. To make customization even easier and quicker than it already is, you can click the “Magic Import” button and let RelayThat automatically collect assets, including colors, photos, icons, and text, from any website.

All these and many other features make RelayThat an excellent graphic design tool that makes it possible for anyone to impress potential customers, users, or visitors with stunning brand assets.


Great graphic design tools don’t come cheap, but RelayThat is certainly an exception. For just $25 per month, you can purchase the Pro plan, which lets up to 2 users create 20 workspaces, download an unlimited number of high-quality images, collaborate with other designers, change any responsive layout to perfectly fit any channel, upload custom fonts, add keywords to drive traffic with every image posted online, and much more.

RelayThat also offers an enterprise plan, which unlocks an unlimited number of workspaces and adds branded sign-in pages, data integration, white-label options, and large team collaboration capabilities. This plan doesn’t have a price tag attached to it because its cost depends on the size of the enterprise purchasing it.

RelayThat vs. Canva vs. Stencil

RelayThat isn’t the only solution that automates the creation of social media posts and marketing images. Canva and Stencil are both popular alternatives, each offering its own approach to brand asset creation.

Being a more mature product, Canva has more features than RelayThat, and it also enjoys a significantly larger userbase. With Canva, you get more freedom to customize pre-defined layouts since the tool lets you quickly add and modify all kinds of design elements, including images, text, and shapes. Canva also gives its users access to stock video footage and music, making it easy to create promotional videos.

Stencil aims to be a lighter version of Canva, designed from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. It provides full access to 4,900,000+ photos and 3,100,000+ icons and integrates with great social tools like Buffer.

The biggest advantage of both Canva and Stencil over RelayThat is that they offer free plans, which provide access to everything you need to start designing. Canva’s Pro plan costs $12.95 a month for up to 5 people, while Stencil Pro costs $9 a month per user. In other words, both Canva and Stencil are cheaper than RelayThat.

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Overall, RelayThat is a fantastic graphics editor for people who want to spend less time designing and more time enjoying the results of their work. It automates the design process to such an extent that generating a stunning design takes just a single click. If all this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to try it yourself so that you can see first-hand what it has to offer.

Did you find our RelayThat review helpful in making a platform selection for your next marketing project? Let us know in the comments below!


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Live Commenting Helps Build Customer Loyalty & Brand Affinity

Live commenting is a real-time, interactive way for customers and followers to engage with a company or product.



live commenting can help build customer loyalty and brand affinity

“The secret to marketing success is no secret at all: word of mouth is all that matters.” So said entrepreneur and digital marketing guru Seth Godin, and we couldn’t agree more. The rise and rise again of social media has generated an unprecedented quantity of customer word of mouth about companies, their products, and the service received. Customers that used to engage in water-cooler talks with co-workers or backyard discussions with neighbors are now live commenting, reviewing, and rating companies like never before.

What was once a private conversation is now on full public display for other potential customers as well as leaders of companies, and that’s a good thing.

Live Commenting Is Good For Business

Live commenting is a real-time, interactive way for customers and followers to engage with a company or product. Customers can give their opinions, offer suggestions, and even ask questions.

This live interaction builds trust and rapport between the customer and the company. It also humanizes the company, making it seem more approachable and responsive.

All of this leads to increased customer loyalty and advocacy, which is the best kind of word of mouth marketing there is.

It’s Also Great For Customers

Live commenting offers customers a way to have their voices heard. It gives them a platform to share their positive experiences and, just as importantly, to give constructive criticism.

Live commenting also allows customers to connect with each other. Customers can ask each other questions, offer advice, and build relationships. This sense of community is one of the main reasons live commenting platforms like FastComments are becoming so sought after.

FastComments Makes The Process Fast & Easy

FastComments is a platform that easily lets you add live comments to any website, blog, or app in seconds.

Imagine the impact you can create when your community is interacting over shared experiences with your product in real-time on your website or application. Don’t worry, with FastComments you won’t face any problems with spam as all comments are vetted by a classifier that is continuously trained, meaning unverified comments are automatically removed.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to keep your members engaged, look no further than FastComments. With their live commenting feature, members can post comments in real-time – perfect for lively discussion and debate. What’s more, live commenting also works with private member-only communities. So, if you’re looking for a way to add an extra element of interaction to your community, FastComments is the perfect solution.

Once you try their free demo you will ask yourself how you ever lived without live comments!

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