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Areeba To Bring Biometric Payment Authentication To MENA

The service will let shoppers authenticate transactions using Face ID or fingerprints.



areeba to bring biometric payment authentication to mena

Areeba, the Middle East’s leading payment processing service provider, has introduced Out-of-Band authentication (OOB) in partnership with Swiss payment experts, Netcetera. The biometric and fingerprint-reading technology represents the most convenient method for cardholders to make secure and flawless e-commerce transactions.

Instead of entering a password or receiving confirmation via text message, cardholders can use fingerprints or facial recognition to authenticate payments, thus reducing fraud and enabling a smooth purchasing experience more aligned with modern shopping habits and lifestyles.

“Areeba is always an early adopter of cutting-edge technologies to provide its customers with the highest level of fraud protection. We are pleased to launch the OOB with Netcetera, a company that combines quality, reliability, service, and innovation,” says Maher Mikati, CEO of Areeba.

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According to Statista, in 2022, the biometric and digital identity sector was valued at 28 billion USD, and forecasted to exceed 70 billion USD by 2027.

The MENA region is a particularly strong market for the type of technology provided by Areeba, and with Netcetera’s expertise and technology, the new service is full of potential. According to Netcetera, their platform “provides continuous upgrades and updates to support all new trends and client requirements in the payment industry”, offering the best solutions to clients for improving conversion and helping to grow their fintech businesses.


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Visit Iconic Mosques Worldwide With MetaMosque VR

For those with disabilities or economic challenges, visiting the Great Mosque of Mecca is now a real possibility.



visit iconic mosques worldwide with metamosque vr

For Muslims worldwide, visiting mosques is of crucial religious and cultural importance. Unfortunately, not everyone shares easy access to a local place of worship, and many Muslims certainly can’t afford a pilgrimage to Al Haram, the Great Mosque of Mecca — even just once in their lifetime. Now, a new virtual reality project is attempting to break down those barriers.

MetaMosque is a virtual app that enables users to experience mosques around the world. Through the platform, Muslims can take part in a spiritual journey to experience the wonder of some of the world’s most significant mosques, fostering a sense of belonging and connection to these vital religious spaces, regardless of circumstances.

Samera Abed, CEO and founder of MetaMosque, devised the project for her 90-year-old mother, who now struggles to attend a mosque by herself.

“So just like how I taught her to use an iPhone, I am teaching her to be part of a community,” Abed explained. “She can go to her childhood mosque whenever she wants”.

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Available on Meta Quest, the MetaMosques immersive experience offers an engaging virtual exploration of prayer halls and a close look at the fine architectural details of some of the world’s most iconic Islamic buildings. After a virtual visit, users are encouraged to share their experiences in online discussions that aim to grow the accompanying MetaMosque community.

“I also know that this will be a great gift for many Muslims in the world who have disabilities or are facing economic challenges,” Abed adds.

MetaMosque currently offers access to ten mosques and a Majlis. The app is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and Meta Quest, with inbuilt AI that can answer questions on Islamic knowledge and the history of these mosques, along with personalized reminders for upcoming religious events.

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