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Digital Tech Will Help Saudi Arabia Host 30 Million Pilgrims By 2030

For the last two decades, the Hajj pilgrimage has been typically attended by 2 to 3 millions of pilgrims.



digital tech will help saudi arabia host 30 million pilgrims by 2030

This year’s Hajj pilgrimage was open to 1 million pilgrims from Saudi Arabia. By 2030, Saudi Arabia would like to host as many as 30 million pilgrims. To make this ambitious goal possible, the Kingdom is betting on digital technology.

One tech initiative that was launched by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah earlier this year is Hajj Smart ID, a smart ID card with barcodes containing pilgrim’s personal information and documentation. The card frees pilgrims from having to carry official documents, and it also helps guide pilgrims to their residences, among other things.

Last year, Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and Doyof Al Rahman Program (DARP) launched the Pilgrim’s Smart Bracelet (NUSK) project. The bracelet is intended to help organizers track pilgrim’s health information and vaccination records.

Tech initiatives like Hajj Smart ID and the smart bracelet project are guided by the Pilgrim Experience Program, a core component of Saudi Vision 2030. The program strives to give as many Muslims as possible the opportunity to perform Hajj and Umrah to the fullest extent while working on enhancing their experience.

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“These technological solutions can help attract more Muslims to the two holy mosques, ultimately achieving the Kingdom’s goals in the Saudi Vision 2030 to welcome millions of pilgrims and help them with high-quality services and enrich their experience in the kingdom,” said Amr Al-Madah, Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah.

For the last two decades, the Hajj pilgrimage has been typically attended by 2 to 3 millions of pilgrims. The last three years were exceptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the year 2020 seeing a record low attendance of just 1,000 pilgrims. It will be interesting to see how this new digital technology will be able to effectively handle almost 30x the amount of pilgrims by the end of the decade.


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LastPass Has Revealed Yet Another Security Breach

It’s been revealed that the popular password manager was hacked using intel gained from a previous August 2022 attack.



lastpass has revealed yet another security breach

The CEO of LastPass, Karim Toubba, has revealed that the leading password manager has suffered another serious data breach. Toubba said that LastPass engineers detected unusual activity from a third-party cloud storage service in August 2022 — a service shared with parent company GoTo, which readers may remember by its former name of LogMeIn.

Security firm Mandiant was hired to investigate the suspicious incident, and together, they uncovered that the unauthorized person(s) gained access to LastPass cloud services using information obtained from a previous security breach in August of this year. The latest incident is thought to be rather serious, giving the criminal party access to “certain elements” of customer information.

When the password manager’s systems were breached back in August, Toubba says that after an investigation, the unauthorized party was found to have had internal access to LastPass systems for four days. The hacker was able to steal source code and some technical information, but security engineers said customer data and password vaults remained safe.

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In a separate but related announcement, parent company GoTo has admitted that hackers gained entry into its own development environment of remote work tools. Echoing the statement from LastPass, GoTo has assured customers that its services are functioning fine despite the data breach. Both LastPass and its parent company are still investigating the scope of the incidents, and we’ll likely hear more details over the coming months.

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