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How To Clean Your Apple Watch Like A Pro

These 3 simple steps will teach you how to clean your Apple Watch like a pro, and keep it looking as if it was just taken out of the box.



how to clean your apple watch like a pro

Personal hygiene has come into focus in recent times amidst the global outbreak of a deadly infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. While COVID-19 is spread mainly through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, it can also be spread by touching a contaminated surface, such as the display on your Apple Watch. Coronavirus or not, it’s still always a good idea to give it a good clean once in a while to keep it looking as good as new, here’s how.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Apple Watch

The first step is the easiest. Simply disconnect your Apple Watch from its charge and turn it off. To do that:

  1. Press and hold the side button until the Power Off button appears.
  2. Then, slide the “Power Off” button to the right and wait a second or two.

Step 2: Remove The Watch Straps

While you could theoretically clean your Apple Watch with the strap attached to it (as long as it’s not made of leather), we recommend you remove it anyway because there will almost certainly be dirt and grime trapped where it attaches to the smartwatch.

  1. Press the band release button and don’t release it.
  2. Slide the band across in either direction to remove it.
  3. Repeat the process for the second strap.

You can now clean your Apple Watch straps with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. Silicone and stainless-steel bands can be cleaned using water, but leather straps can’t because they are not water-resistant.

Step 3: Clean Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is now ready for cleaning. You should always use a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth and avoid hard scrubbing.

Gently wiping the surface of the watch using fresh water or a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe is okay, but avoid using bleach, abrasive soaps, and other aggressive cleaning products.

Once your Apple Watch is clean, you should pat it with a dry cloth so that it’s completely dry before you reconnect your watch straps. With that, your watch should be squeaky clean and as good as new.

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How To Change The Mobile Number On Your Emirates ID

Changing the mobile number associated with your Emirates ID doesn’t have to be a hassle. This quick guide will show you how to do so.




how to change the mobile number on your emirates id

Thanks to the Emirates ID it’s easy to get access to UAE government services, vote in the elections of Federal National Council, or register an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine. But what if your Emirates ID is associated with a mobile number you no longer use? In that case, just follow these 3 simple steps in order to change the mobile number on your Emirates ID.

Step 1: Go To The ICA Smart Services Page

To get started, you need to follow this link to visit the ICA Smart Services page.

The page allows UAE citizens and residents to amend their mobile phone number registered in the systems of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Step 2: Enter Required Information

Once you’re there, you will be asked to provide certain required identification information, including your current nationality, file number (mentioned on your VISA), passport number, name, date of birth, last entry date (the date stamped on your passport), and email address.

When you fill in all the fields, another form will appear, asking you to type in your mobile phone number and giving you the opportunity to enter a new one.

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Step 3: Review Your Application & Pay The Fee

Before you submit your application, you’ll be given an opportunity to double check it, and we highly recommend you carefully review all information to avoid issues and slowdowns during processing.

Finally, you need to pay the fee for changing the mobile number linked to your Emirates ID. At the time of writing this article, the fee is AED 52.10 ($15 USD). An invoice with payment instructions will arrive to the email address you’ve entered in Step 1.

Assuming you’ve made no mistakes, your phone number should be updated in a week or so. To see if an update has been made, go to the ID Card Status page and enter your PRAN (application number) or IDN number.

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