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Movano Will Take On Oura With Their Evie Smart Ring For Women

The device can measure heart rate, skin temperature variability, clinical SpO2, and much more.



movano will take on oura with their evie smart ring for women

Health-tech company Movano has just teased details of its first smart ring, named Evie. The device is designed for health and fitness tracking — including cycling — and bears a strong resemblance to Oura’s latest smart ring, as well as offerings from other companies. Movano plans to give the press and public a closer look at the device at next week’s CES 2023, claiming that the ring differs from other products, being uniquely developed for women.

Movano’s original design for the ring debuted at CES 2022 without a name, but the company has since changed several elements of the design, as well as the asking price. The new model will go on sale sometime in 2023, with a below-$300 price tag, and won’t be tied to a subscription.

movano evie smart ring for women

The Movano Health Evie ring offers several of the metrics seen on rings like the Oura, as well as those found in Apple and Android smartwatches. The device can measure heart rate, skin temperature variability, blood oxygen, steps, calories, and sleep, with a special focus on period and ovulation tracking. Wearers of the new ring will be able to get advice from health experts within the app, and the device will meet medical manufacturing standards.

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“As a medical device, Evie will go beyond the status quo of other wearables on the market. We are bringing together medical-grade biometric data and insights in a comfortable and contemporary wearable,” says Movano CEO, John Mastrototaro.

As well as a broad suite of health data, Movano has promised high security and privacy standards when transferring data to the cloud or third-party health providers. Movano hasn’t yet achieved full FDA approval, which will probably dictate the final launch date. The Evie smart ring will be released in the USA at first, but should come to other markets later, though we’ll learn more about it next week at CES 2023.


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Yalla!Hub Forms New Partnership With WEE Marketplace

The collaboration will accelerate e-commerce digitalization and allow for speedy deliveries across the Gulf countries.



yalla!hub forms new partnership with wee marketplace

After raising $6 million to expand into Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Yalla!Hub is now set to collaborate with WEE to facilitate the sale of products through both YallaMarket and the WEE marketplace. The companies plan to enhance the GCC e-commerce market using a range of innovative solutions for sales and delivery, presenting new opportunities for Emirati-based and foreign suppliers.

“This collaboration with WEE Marketplace signifies a major step forward in our mission to revolutionize e-commerce through digitalization in the UAE and GCC, making market entry and operations smoother both for customers and businesses. With this partnership, we’re able to extend the reach of brands to a wider audience,” explained Leo Dovbenko, CEO of Yalla!Hub.

wee marketplace delivery driver

Meanwhile, new partner WEE is uniquely positioned in the UAE and already well known for fast delivery services. The company’s WEE Marketplace will soon feature goods from Yalla!Hub on their platform, empowering Dubai shoppers with 1-hour delivery windows and a next-day service across the rest of the Emirates.

“WEE Marketplace and Yalla!Hub are absolute leaders of the UAE fast e-commerce market, and this partnership opens new horizons for brands, allowing them to enter at once both platforms. We choose the brands very carefully, aiming to give the best products to our customers,” said Anastasia Kim, CEO and co-founder of WEE marketplace.

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The Emirati e-commerce market has now reached a value of nearly $13 billion and is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2027. Express deliveries account for 5.5% of total merchandise turnover, which currently stands at around $700 million. Among the express delivery categories, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and groceries lead the way.

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