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Take A Balloon Journey To Space, Complete With Fine Dining!

If you’d like to experience spaceflight, but aren’t ready to jump aboard a rocket-powered or ultrasonic spaceship, why not take a more leisurely balloon option?



take a balloon journey to space complete with fine dining

If you’re a millionaire looking to broaden your horizons, commercial spaceflight is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to take travel experiences to new heights.

But what if you’re nervous about being strapped into a rocket-powered or ultrasonic spacecraft and looking for a more sedate journey into the stratosphere?

Luckily, a French company, Zephalto, has you covered with their $132,000 (AED 485,110)-balloon experience that floats gently to the 25km-high second layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Well-heeled passengers will board the Céleste — Zephalto’s pressurized balloon capsule — at a spaceport in France. One hour later, space travelers will reach a peak altitude three times higher than the cruising height of commercial airliners.

When the capsule arrives at peak altitude, guests will stay in the stratosphere for around three hours, where they’ll be treated to two gourmet meals, aperitifs, wine tasting, and get the opportunity to take the most original high-altitude Instagram snaps.

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Although a niche and expensive pastime for the ultra-wealthy, space tourism is estimated to be worth $8 billion by 2030 — over ten times the current market size of 2023. Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are now well established in the high-end travel sector, and SpaceX’s Elon Musk has recently proposed an even more radical excursion — a Moon loop flight aboard the company’s Starship craft.

Meanwhile, astronaut boot camps such as US-based Orbite now offer space training for as little as $15,000 (AED 55,088), while well-known commercial airline builders such as Airbus and Boeing are also competing for a slice of the space-tourist pie.


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Adobe Teases New AI Editing Tools And Updates In Premiere Pro

The video editing app will be enhanced with a generative extend tool, text-to-video, improved timeline waveforms, and more.



adobe teases new ai editing tools and updates in premiere pro

After launching the generative AI model Firefly last year, Adobe is now showcasing how the technology will be used in upcoming versions of the editing app Premiere Pro. In an early sneak peek, the company demonstrated several new features, including Object Addition and Removal, Generative Extend, and Text to Video.

The first new feature, Generative Extend, targets a common video editing problem by using AI to “Seamlessly add frames to make clips longer, so it’s easier to perfectly time edits and add smooth transitions”.

Meanwhile, Premiere Pro’s Object Addition & Removal tool will leverage Firefly’s generative AI to “Simply select and track objects, then replace them. Remove unwanted items, change an actor’s wardrobe or quickly add set dressings such as a painting or photorealistic flowers on a desk,” Adobe states.

Adobe also showcased another new feature that can automatically generate new film clips using a text prompt. To use the content creation tool, editors can “Simply type text into a prompt or upload reference images. These clips can be used to ideate and create storyboards, or to create B-roll for augmenting live action footage,” Adobe explained. The company seems to be commercializing this particular feature extremely quickly, considering generative AI video only appeared a few months ago.

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The new additions to Premiere Pro will be added later this year, but Adobe is also introducing smaller improvements to the editing app in May. The changes include interactive fade handles to enable easier transitions, an Essential Sound badge that uses AI to “automatically tag audio clips as dialogue, music, sound effects or ambience, and add a new icon so editors get one-click, instant access to the right controls for the job”, along with effect badges and a new look for waveforms in the timeline.

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