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Apple Just Announced Two New iPad Pro Devices

The Cupertino company has also updated the Apple TV and added new functionality to the Apple Pencil.



apple just announced two new ipad pro devices

In a surprise product announcement yesterday, Apple revealed two new iPad Pro models. The 12.9 and 11-inch tablets have been updated with the company’s latest M2 chip, with support for new Apple Pencil functionality, plus other minor updates.

The announcement was much more low-key than the highly publicized iPhone launches, with CEO Tim Cook teasing the new products before the official press release was made public. The launch’s subtlety likely reflects that these new products are more refreshes than radical redesigns.

M2 iPad Pro

m2 ipad pro

The two new iPad Pro models feature Apple’s M2 processors, which the company claims will make the tablets 15% faster overall, with a 35% improvement in graphics performance. Overall, the new iPad Pros have only minor updates over the older models, with USB-C ports replacing lightning connectivity and Wi-Fi 6E making an appearance.

One notable update comes in the form of updated Apple Pencil behavior. A new hover mode allows the stylus to be detected when it’s around a half inch (12mm) away from the screen. Hover mode is aimed at artists, as it allows the pencil to be used as a finely-tuned brush, with the iPad showing a dot where the tip will touch down, allowing artists to achieve new levels of precision.

Pricing & Availability

If you’re an owner of the outgoing iPad Pro, these updates probably aren’t going to be big enough to tempt you to upgrade. However, for anyone looking to pick up a new tablet, the 12.9 and 11-inch iPad Pros are available to preorder right now, with delivery and general release in stores happening on October 26th. Prices for the 11-inch model start at $799, with the bigger 12.9-inch device coming in at $1,099.

Apple TV

apple tv 2022

As for the new Apple TV, fans of the premium streaming device will be able to pick between two models on the November 4th release date: One with a Wi-Fi connection ($129) and another with Ethernet ($149). The Wi-Fi version comes with 64GB of storage, while the Ethernet model bumps this to 128GB. Both models offer 4K visuals and Dolby sound and use Apple’s A15 chip.


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Truecaller To Use Microsoft Azure AI Speech For Call Answering

The new service features a powerful speech generation tool to allow users to create AI versions of their voices.



truecaller to use microsoft azure ai speech for call answering

Truecaller, a well-known app for identifying and blocking spam calls, is enhancing its services by allowing users to create AI versions of their voices. The new feature, available to those with access to Truecaller’s AI Assistant, stems from a partnership with Microsoft and its Azure AI Speech tool, allowing the generation of realistic AI voices that accurately mimic users’ speech patterns and tone.

“This groundbreaking capability not only adds a touch of familiarity and comfort for the users but also showcases the power of AI in transforming the way we interact with our digital assistants,” explained Truecaller product director and general manager Raphael Mimoun in a recent blog post.

The AI Assistant in Truecaller screens incoming calls, informing recipients of a caller’s purpose. Based on this information, users can decide whether to answer the call themselves or let the AI Assistant handle it.

When the feature was introduced in 2022, users could only choose from a collection of preset voices. The ability to record one’s own voice represents a significant step towards the complete personalization of the service.

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Azure AI Speech, showcased during the last Build conference, only recently added a personal voice feature that lets people record and replicate voices. Microsoft explained in a blog post, however, that Personal Voice is available on a limited basis and only for specific use cases like voice assistants.

To maintain ethical standards, Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech automatically adds watermarks to AI-generated voices. Additionally, a code of conduct requires companies to obtain full consent from individuals being recorded and prohibits impersonation.

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