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ChatGPT Offers API Access & Developers Are Taking Advantage

Businesses can now develop paid services using the popular AI language model, meaning chatbots will soon be appearing everywhere.



chatgpt offers api access and developers are already taking advantage

On March 1, OpenAI, the San Francisco artificial intelligence company, released API access to their insanely popular ChatGPT tool, along with Whisper, a speech recognition service.

Since the release of ChatGPT, developers have been using the platform to build all manner of custom tools, including apps like QuickVid AI, which automatically generates ideas for YouTube videos. The app’s creator, Daniel Habib, explained that until now, it was impossible to monetize software featuring chatbot AI.

“All of these unofficial tools that were just toys, essentially, that would live in your own personal sandbox can now actually go out to tons of users,” Habib says.

OpenAI’s API release could mark the start of a new AI gold rush. What was previously a series of industrious hobbyists creating apps in a licensing gray area could soon become an entirely new industry.

“What this release means for companies is that adding AI capabilities to applications is much more accessible and affordable,” notes Hassan El Mghari, who manages TwitterBio, a ChatGPT service that generates Twitter profile text for users.

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OpenAI has also updated its data retention policy and will now only hold user data for 30 days, promising it won’t use user-generated text inputs to train its AI models. This policy change means that companies will be in better control of their data rather than needing to trust a third party to manage where it goes.

In addition to better data-retention policies, API access to ChatGPT is now 10 times cheaper than OpenAI’s lower-powered GPT3 API, which launched in June 2020. The falling price of many of these large language models means there will likely be a plethora of AI chatbots to choose from in the near future.


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Lebanese Newspaper Builds AI President To Beat Political Crisis

The move by media outlet AnNahar comes after 13 failed attempts by the Lebanese parliament to elect a new leader.



lebanese newspaper builds ai president to beat political crisis

In a world first, Lebanon’s AnNahar Newspaper has built an artificial intelligence model designed to carry out presidential duties for the politically troubled country. Lebanon has been without a sitting president for two years after thirteen failed attempts by the nation’s parliament to elect a suitable candidate.

The new AI President’s deep learning algorithm was fed over 90 years of impartial journalism from AnNahar’s archive stretching back to the 1930s. The AI leader analyzes not only historical data but also current events and is able to formulate solutions for all manner of political, legal, and governmental questions. By tapping into such a vast knowledge base, Lebanon’s AI President will have a deep understanding of the country’s past, as well as an unbiased take on the challenges the nation faces going forward.

lebanon our president ai platform annahar

The new AI President was unveiled in a recent live broadcast. Nayla Tueni, editor-in-chief of AnNahar Newspaper conducted an interview with the digital leader, asking relevant questions about the current state of Lebanon, and how to fix the country’s difficult political situation. AnNahar has also converted its print newspaper to focus entirely on the new president’s guidance on issues spanning everything from the economy to sustainability and the environment.

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After the interview, Nayla Tueni commented: “As Lebanese people, and especially at AnNahar, we refuse to sit back and allow things to go on as they have. To not have a president for this long is unacceptable and has impacted the country negatively. If the parliament will not do its job to elect a president, then the people will bring to Lebanon a president”.

The AI President will soon be accessible to everyone at, Users will be able to ask questions in a similar manner to the likes of ChatGPT and Google Gemini. It is also understood that government officials will also use the tool to help devise new directives.

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