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Nearly All Saudi Gen Z & Millennials Will Be AR Users By 2025

A new white paper by Snap Inc and others reveals how immersive tech will transform the retail industry in Saudi Arabia.



nearly all saudi gen z and millennials will be ar users by 2025

Snap Inc, the owner of Snapchat, has partnered with PwC Middle East and Retail Leaders Circle (RLC) to commission a white paper entitled, “The shift towards immersive shopping: New opportunities for retailers in KSA”.

The study (which you can find here) focuses on the evolution of the typical Saudi consumer and how shoppers now desire more immersive retail experiences. The paper points out that businesses must embrace digital and hyper-responsive AR experiences as the backbone of their marketing strategies rather than simply adding to traditional methods.

snap inc at retail leaders circle mena summit

Right now, a significant gap exists between the perception of AI by consumers and brands, with 94% of brands viewing AR as being primarily for fun, whereas only 53% of consumers view it the same way.

Not only that, by 2025, it is estimated that around 75% of people worldwide will be frequent AR users. And almost all of the Gen Z and Millennial population of Saudi Arabia will use the technology frequently.

As Saudi shoppers demand ever-higher levels of convenience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a leading role in the future of retail, enabling hyper-personalization, real-time behavioral dat, and analytics to offer the right promotions and tailored messages to customers in real time.

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“Over the years, we have seen AR evolve from being just a mode of entertainment and self-expression to delivering true value for consumers and businesses. AR is already transforming the industry and is slated to metamorphose every shopper’s journey in the near future. Today, as we ponder the future of retail, it’s time to be agile and adapt wholeheartedly to the latest in commerce,” says Abdulla Alhammadi, Regional Business Lead for KSA Market, Snap Inc.

In a world where online shopping is focused more on product rather than the consumer, Snap Inc’s report shows us a retail future driven by customer self-expression. According to Snap Inc, AR can “showcase products, push creative boundaries, drive real sales, and help reduce returns.” The company also highlights that “250 million people already engage with AR on Snapchat each day, and Snapchatters now play with AR more than 6 billion times a day on average”.


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NEOM Airlines Is Saudi Arabia’s New, Tech-Centric Carrier

The airline will embrace advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, and utilize high-tech propulsion systems by 2026.



neom airlines is saudi arabia's new tech-centric carrier

Opening in 2025, NEOM is a $500 billion Saudi Arabian smart city that will be powered entirely by renewable energy. Now, Saudi authorities have announced that the futuristic metropolis will also be served by its own dedicated carrier — NEOM Airlines.

neom international airport

The service will begin operating in 2024 and embrace advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and biometric check in. Aircraft will fly to and from NEOM Bay before moving to the soon-to-be-built NEOM International Airport.

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NEOM Airlines will focus on tourist, commercial, and residential travel and incorporate plenty of cutting-edge technology. Klaus Goersch, the airline’s CEO, revealed that existing aircraft will be retrofitted with existing technology on launch, but by 2026, an ultra-modern fleet will be in operation, “whether electric, hydrogen-powered, or supersonic”.

As well as modern, low-emissions power airplanes, NEOM aircraft will also be fitted with sleek, modern interiors, 6G Wi-Fi, large screens for every seat, plus gaming and chat technology.

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