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Dubai’s Finance Strategy For 2026 Hopes To Achieve Financial Sustainability

Dubai’s Department of Finance has unveiled a strategic plan for 2026 that looks to achieve objectives laid out in the Dubai Strategy 2030.



dubai's finance strategy for 2026 hopes to achieve financial sustainability

Dubai’s Department of Finance recently announced its official “Finance Strategy for 2026”, which ties in with the Dubai Strategy 2030 project, an ambitious plan to elevate Dubai as a global platform for knowledge-based, sustainable, and innovation-focused businesses.

The director of the Department of Finance’s Strategy & Corporate Performance Division, Jasim Mohamad Al Zarooni, noted that the plan is based on the vision of “Global leadership and innovative financial sustainability”, centered around six ambitious objectives that were originally laid out in the Smart Dubai 2021 roadmap, with a plan to achieve financial sustainability and a fair and efficient distribution of resources within the emirate.

Here are the six strategic objectives in brief:

A Smart, Liveable & Resilient City

With improved connectedness, simplified and sustainable living, plus all of the critical infrastructure to boost efficiency and promote resilience.

A Globally Competitive Economy Powered By Disruptive Technologies

Pioneering new rules of economic development and engagement to transition to a circular economy that shares assets and resources, whilst building an inspired and highly productive workforce.

An Interconnected Society With Easily Accessible Social Services

Improve quality of life for both residents and visitors by embracing technology to streamline the emirate’s social, cultural, education, and healthcare experiences.

Smooth Transport, Driven By Autonomous & Shared Mobility Solutions

Pioneer smart innovative mobility solutions and automation for a seamless and safe transportation experience in the emirate and reduce commuting time.

A Clean Environment Enabled By Cutting-Edge ICT Innovations

Ensure the sustainability and quality of the emirate’s resources (water, air, energy, and land) for residents and visitors and digitally transform utilities, manufacturing, transportation, and waste treatment.

A Digital, Lean, And Connected Government

Eliminate the need to physically interact with government departments by providing 100% of eligible public services through digital channels and targeting full digital adoption.

The government aims to turn Dubai into the preferred manufacturing platform for global businesses, promoting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing while fostering a culture of knowledge and innovation that could turn the emirate into a central hub for the global Islamic products market.


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Emirates Airline To Invest $2 Billion On Major Upgrades

Emirates plans a huge retrofit on its fleet and an upgrade to the inflight experience.




Emirates Airline has just announced plans to improve its inflight experience for passengers. The carrier has budgeted $2 billion to refit the interiors of over 120 of its aircraft, aiming for a more modern aesthetic for cabins, along with better food choices, modern inflight entertainment options, and a significant service overhaul.

Emirates is well known for its premium service, so this overhaul is an ambitious decision, as many other airlines are trying their hardest to increase revenues and reduce costs.

emirates airline refurbished fleet 1

“Emirates is flying against the grain and investing to deliver ever better experiences to our customers. Through the pandemic we’ve continued to launch new services and initiatives to ensure our customers travel with the assurance and ease, including digital initiatives to improve customer experiences on the ground. Now we’re rolling out a series of intensive programmes to take Emirates’ signature inflight experiences to the next level,” says Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline.

emirates airline refurbished fleet 2

The investment aims to ensure Emirates stays on top form, with many of the upgrades scheduled to materialize quickly. For the physical refit, aircraft are scheduled to enter the Emirates Engineering Center in November. So what can passengers expect once work is complete? The most significant change will be to aircraft interiors, where flyers of all classes will immediately spot new flooring, paneling, and reupholstered seats.

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As well as a physical overhaul, the airline plans to upgrade entertainment systems, adding a “Cinema in the Sky” experience, complete with a bespoke app. In addition, better meal choices will reflect changing dietary preferences, including a new vegan menu and a nod to sustainability — though there will remain a strong luxury vibe to the proceedings, as the company has entered an exclusive agreement to offer Dom Perignon vintage champagne on board, as well as delicacies such as Persian caviar.

Though many of the improvements may seem trivial, Emirates is hoping that along with a huge cabin overhaul, their overall flight experience will continue to make travel a pleasurable experience, elevating their service above the competition.

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