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Oracle Is Planning To Build Two New Cloud Regions In Morocco

The data centers will be situated in Casablanca and Settat, bringing the global tech company’s number of MENA facilities to eight.



oracle is planning to build two new cloud regions in morocco

Oracle is planning to open two new data centers in Morocco, which are expected to boost one of North Africa’s fastest-growing IT ecosystems and add to the influx of investments in the MENA technology scene.

The facilities are to be built in the capital, Casablanca, and the southern city of Settat. They will support digital transformation in Morocco and across North Africa while bringing the number of Oracle’s global cloud regions to 72. The company will offer dedicated, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud services to both enterprises and start-ups, as well as universities and government agencies.

“As one of the largest economies in Africa […] Morocco offers unique growth opportunities for businesses that are aiming to accelerate their expansion by deploying the latest digital technologies,” explained Richard Smith, executive vice president for technology in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Oracle.

The rate of adoption for cloud services in the Middle East continues to grow, driven by a technology-savvy young consumer base and a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The technology sector in Morocco is one of Africa’s fastest-growing and is now a vital component of its economy.

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Overall, Morocco’s economy continued to strengthen last year, with real gross domestic growth expected to reach around 3.5% in the medium term.

“Oracle’s strategic investment marks a significant milestone in North Africa’s digital transformation journey,” noted Jyoti Lalchandani, regional managing director for the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and India at market intelligence firm IDC.

Including the latest news about Morocco, Oracle’s MENA cloud regions have now increased to eight. In South Africa, the company has data centers in Johannesburg, and another is planned for Kenya. Meanwhile, the Middle East has centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Jeddah, with two additional facilities planned for the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and the high-tech city of Neom.


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PowerSchool Launches Arab Version Of Its EdTech Platform

The cloud-based solution is now available to Middle Eastern users, helping schools with administrative, communication, and classroom workflows.



powerschool launches arab version of its edtech platform

PowerSchool, a leading cloud-based education software provider, today announced the launch of newly translated and localized solutions for the UAE and wider Gulf Coast and Middle East region.

Native-Arabic speaking educators will now be able to accomplish critical administrative, communication and classroom workflows using newly-updated Arabic translations, as well as access a right-to-left oriented interface, Hijri calendar overlay, and more.

PowerSchool’s platform is able to log student records and create reports in their native language, while teachers can now create enhanced, personalized lessons for their students and digital forms for parents.

powerschool edtech arabic interface

Finally, PowerSchool’s multi-language AI-powered assistant is also in development, and the company plans to launch the tool in the Middle East in the near future.

“With the UAE and other GCC countries prioritizing digital transformation in education, we are pleased to announce the availability of our educational and operational products in Arabic,” revealed Stewart Monk, Senior Vice President & General Manager, International at PowerSchool. “This also aligns with our commitment to provide mission-critical support to education leaders to provide personalized learning for students globally”.

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Along with the launch of a new Dubai office in 2023, PowerSchool seems highly invested in localized Arabic products. The latest announcement from the company strongly signals its commitment to the Middle East and GCC, and comes after the publication of its 2024 Education Focus Report, which takes a deep dive into the region’s education trends and developments.

“PowerSchool’s commitment to providing Arabic localization across its products reflects an understanding of their diverse user base and their commitment to inclusivity,” explained Mohammed Essam, PowerSchool Lead at ESOL Education. “This investment can lead to closer collaboration with educational institutions in the Middle East, fostering innovation and progress in the education sector. Overall, this is a promising direction that could benefit both PowerSchool and the educational community in the region”.

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