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Dubai Is Set To Become A Metaverse & Blockchain Hub

The city has already established itself as the global capital of Web 3.0, hosting a vast array of metaverse and blockchain technology and startups.



dubai is set to become the metaverse and blockchain hub

Having already adopted a comprehensive “Metaverse Strategy“, Dubai has made rapid progress as a smart city of the future, using a carefully crafted regulatory framework to attract innovation and talent to its modern, tech-central environment.

Although the metaverse — a blockchain-based virtual world — is still in its early stages of development, it promises to deliver massive potential for millions of users over the coming years, shaking up the entire world’s economy and online culture.

The global market share of the metaverse is thought to have the potential to reach $1.6 trillion by 2030, with tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Nvidia heavily invested in Web 3.0 development. For that reason, the UAE is already aiming to be a market leader, with over 1,000 metaverse-related companies headquartered in the region.

“From retail shopping to healthcare and manufacturing, the metaverse is becoming pervasive in countless industries. It is transforming industries by expediting virtual operations seamlessly and offering business opportunities for investors,” says Pratik Rawal, Managing Partner, Ascent Partners.

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Dubai’s strategy aims to funnel $4 billion of the UAE’s GDP into related projects over the next five years, bringing an estimated 40,000 virtual jobs to the metaverse by 2030. Augmented reality and blockchain projects currently bring over $500 million to UAE’s economy, with the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) accounting for a sizable portion of that figure.

As the metaverse builds into a thriving, heavily populated augmented-reality world, Dubai and the whole of the UAE will be poised to become the epicenter of this advanced technological revolution, bringing all of the benefits of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and augmented reality to the everyday lives of users worldwide.


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A Line-Up Of Over 100 Shows Comes To Snapchat This Ramadan

Snapchatters can watch a wide range of content, including entertainment, drama, and comedy.



a line-up of over 100 shows comes to snapchat this ramadan

As people across the Middle East celebrate the beginning of Ramadan this week, Snapchat has announced a new line-up of over 100 Ramadan shows to be added to the Discover platform, bringing drama, comedy, and more for the holy month. Snapchatters can also browse Spotlight to discover fresh creators and content from across the MENA region and beyond.

snapchat ramadan 2023 discover slate

Snapchat partners on the Discover line-up include the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, Augustus Media, MBC Group, Rotana Media Group, Dubai Media Inc, 7awi Group, Alfan Group, and more. Snap Inc. has revealed that shows will include “Netflorex, THAT, and Marahel, as well as MBC’s highly anticipated show Tash Returns, Studio 23, and prank show Ramez Never End”.

Snapchat’s Discover and Spotlight will also feature creator content from Saudi legacy Creator Bader Saleh, Ahmad Alzahabi’s cooking show “The Golden Balance”, and Muslim Girl, a US-based award-winning creator empowering Muslim women worldwide.

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“This Ramadan, we are partnering with some of the region’s most trusted media partners and fan-favorite creators to showcase engaging content on Discover and Spotlight. Snapchatters spent 31 percent more time watching Ramadan content than the year prior. We are excited to help our community discover new creators and content in a personalized way, allowing them to watch and share their favorite content that captures the spirit of the holy month,” says Hussein Freijeh, General Manager at Snap Inc. in MENA.

To view Snapchat’s Discover shows, simply swipe right on the app, search for the show you want to watch, and then subscribe!

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