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The Rashid Rover Prepares For Its Lunar Exploration Mission

The UAE’s lunar mission will take off tomorrow, helping scientists figure out how to colonize new planets.



the rashid rover prepares for its lunar exploration mission

Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 30th), at 12:39pm (Gulf Standard Time), the Emirati-made Rashid Rover will lift off on its mission to the Moon, while the entire Arab world looks on with pride at this huge milestone.

Rashid Rover, named after Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, will touch down on the southeastern edge of the Moon’s Mare Frigoris (Sea of Cold), from where it will begin capturing data from the vast, unexplored basins of the lunar surface.

Sending home over 10 gigabytes of scientific data and images, Rashid Rover will help scientists to study the lunar geology by supplying information on soil content, plasma levels, dust movement and other details. The advanced vehicle will carry out its mission using 3D cameras, motion sensor systems, and communication tools powered by solar panels.

As well as helping experts back on Earth to better understand our own origins, Rashid Rover will also be at the forefront of developing new technologies that could see humans colonizing the Moon and, eventually, Mars.

“The mission embodies the aspirations of the UAE. Rashid Rover will collect images and information that will allow the UAE to conduct comprehensive and integrated studies on how to build a human settlement on the Moon, prepare for future missions to study Mars and provide the scientific community with answers about the solar system and other planets,” says Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in an official statement.

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To reach its destination, Rashid Rover will hitch a lift on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket before making the final leg of the journey to the Moon’s surface using a lander called Hakuto-R M1. As the lander gets closer to the deck, the Japanese-made craft will first orbit the Moon in an elliptical trajectory before entering into a soft, vertical descent performed by fully-automated guidance systems.

Rashid Rover is the first of the UAE’s missions to the Moon, but it certainly won’t be the last. In September, MBRSC signed an agreement with the Chinese National Space Administration to begin joint projects and future lunar exploration, including sending another rover to the Moon on board Chang’e 7, which is expected to launch in 2026.


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ABB E-mobility Delivers Its Millionth EV Charger

Continued growth has been facilitated by doubling production capacity after the launch of the company’s new DC fast charger facility in Valdarno, Italy.



abb e-mobility delivers its millionth ev charger

ABB is a leader in electrification and automation solutions and has just announced the delivery of its millionth electric vehicle charger — the latest milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to create an emission-free future using smart and reliable EV charging solutions.

ABB currently boasts a presence in over 85 markets. After the launch of the company’s new $30 million, 16,000 squared meter production facility in Valdarno, Italy, production capacity has doubled over the last two years. The cutting-edge manufacturing plant recently set a new benchmark for the EV sector, producing a fast charger unit every 20 minutes, thanks to the high-tech factory’s seven simultaneous production lines.

abb e-mobility ev charger factory

“While our continual investment in research and development shows our ongoing commitment to enhance the field of e-mobility, the global delivery of these solutions at scale is integral to the realization of our goals. I want to thank our customers globally for their continued collaboration in hitting this one millionth charger milestone. I look forward to the millions yet to come, and to the cleaner, greener world they will help create,” says Frank Mühlon, ABB E-mobility CEO.

In the United Arab Emirates, ABB has installed over 80 fast and high-power DC charging stations, making it one of the largest projects from a single brand in the region. The biggest station is in Yas, Abu Dhabi, and offers 20 DC fast and high-power chargers for owners of emissions-free vehicles.

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“We are proud that ABB chargers are today powering electric vehicles across strategic locations in the country, including the sites of the Dubai Utility provider, DEWA, and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Most of the car manufacturers and dealers in the UAE have ABB chargers in their showrooms and as well as car parking areas. We are confident ABB’s technical know-how, products, and research in the field of E-Mobility will continue to support the decision-makers in the Middle East to drive the transition to an emission-free future,” says Ahmed Abdu, E-mobility division lead, MENA region.

In addition to its Italian facility, ABB E-mobility has continued its global expansion. Earlier this month, the company announced a new United States facility that will eventually turn out over 10,000 chargers per year for the public sector, providing power to school buses and other fleets. As well as expansion into the USA, ABB E-mobility’s stake in Chinese charging provider, Chargedot, opens up another lucrative market for the EV charging giant.

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