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Twitter Will Soon Allow You To Edit Your Tweets

Did your last tweet contain an embarrassing typo? Twitter will soon allow you to fix it.



twitter will soon allow you to edit your tweets

Here’s something that happens on Twitter every day: someone makes a tweet, the tweet becomes popular, the person who made the tweet is alerted to an embarrassing typo by receiving an endless stream of jokes as replies.

Unfortunately for the sender, it’s currently not possible to edit tweets that have already been published, so they can either delete it or live with it. This could change by the end of this year because Twitter has recently confirmed that it’s testing an edit button.

“Now that everyone is asking… Yes, we’ve been working on an edit feature since last year!” the social media network tweeted. “We’re kicking off testing within @TwitterBlue Labs in the coming months to learn what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible.”

Back when Twitter was still led by Jack Dorsey, any requests for the introduction of an edit button were rejected because Dorsey feared that the feature could be used to change the meaning of a tweet after it gets shared online, and the last thing any social network wants is to deal with more disinformation and manipulation.

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But Dorsey is no longer in charge of Twitter, and Parag Agrawal, who was announced as CEO on 29 November 2021, sees things differently. Elon Musk, who has recently purchased a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, maybe does as well, especially considering that he has recently polled his followers on this very topic.

elon musk poll twitter edit button

Twitter’s VP of consumer product, Jay Sullivan, recognizes that the ability to edit tweets has been the most requested Twitter feature for many years, but he stresses the importance of implementing it carefully.

“Without things like time limits, controls, and transparency about what has been edited, Edit could be misused to alter the record of the public conversation,” he said. “Protecting the integrity of that public conversation is our top priority when we approach this work.”


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Spotify Is Experimenting With Artist NFT Collections

According to a recent survey, it seems that the currently tested NFT collections are just the first step toward a much broader implementation of NFTs into the platform.



spotify is experimenting with artist nft collections

NFT sales may have declined by 92 percent since September 2021, but that’s not stopping Spotify from experimenting with a new feature that lets artists display their non-fungible token (NFT) collections on the music streaming platform.

At the moment, only a small group of artists are taking part in the experiment, including Steve Aoki and The Wombats. What’s more, only select US users of the Spotify app for Android can see NFTs when they visit the profile pages of the aforementioned artists.

spotify artist nft collections

“Spotify is running a test in which it will help a small group of artists promote their existing third-party NFT offerings via their artist profiles,” said Spotify spokesperson. “We routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve artist and fan experiences.”

It’s important to point out that not all Spotify experiments result in new features. It all depends on the feedback the music streaming platform receives from users.

According to a survey some Spotify users have recently received, it seems that the currently tested NFT collections are just the first step toward a much broader implementation of NFTs into the platform. More specifically, Spotify seems to be thinking about allowing its users to directly purchase NFT art to support their favorite artists.

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Considering how polarizing NFTs have been since their inception in 2014, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Spotify users have immediately expressed their dissatisfaction with the idea of NFTs becoming part of the Spotify music listening experience.

Other large tech companies are also experimenting with NFTs. Instagram, for example, started testing NFT integration last week, allowing NFT creators and collectors to display their tokens on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg himself believes that NFTs and digital collectibles in general will play an integral role in the metaverse, the new iteration of the internet.

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