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Elon Musk’s Starlink Offers Global Roaming Satellite Internet

The $200 per month service covers either same-country or overseas roaming.



elon musk's starlink offers global roaming satellite internet

Starlink Roam — a rebranded version of the travel-oriented Starlink for RVs — enables users to get online from anywhere where the service is available for a $200 monthly fee.

SpaceX describes the new service as “unlimited high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis anywhere in the world”, though makes it clear that customers will need to fork out $599 for the portable Flat High-Performance Terminal required to connect to the service or $2,500 for a non-portable option. The $200 monthly fee allows users to connect from anywhere in their home country or when roaming abroad.

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Although global roaming has technically been available to US users for some time, the unveiling of Starlink Roam will add additional regions (including the Middle East) to the revamped service.

Since first being made available worldwide, Starlink now boasts over 1 million subscribers. As SpaceX continues to add more satellites to expand coverage, the service’s user base and reach are expected to expand even further.


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Adobe Firefly AI Image Generator Comes To Photoshop

The Generative Fill tool will arrive in the app’s tool palette sometime in the second half of this year.



adobe firefly ai image generator come to photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the latest app to benefit from the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, gaining a new tool called Generative Fill. The company’s AI image generator Firefly benefitted from the new feature in a web-only update back in March, and today, the Generative Fill tool launches in beta for the popular photo editing program.

Generative Fill is a little like a smarter version of Adobe’s existing Content-Aware Fill feature and works within individual Photoshop image layers. The tool can be used to expand the borders of an image (a feature known as outpainting) or to generate entirely new objects, and contains a text prompt to add direction to the AI technology.

Adobe claims its AI is only trained to work on Adobe Stock images, licensed content, and images without copyright restrictions. Generative Fill also supports a system called Content Credentials, which attaches metadata-style attributes to images before they are shared online, informing viewers that content was created or edited with the help of AI.

“By integrating Firefly directly into workflows as a creative co-pilot, Adobe is accelerating ideation, exploration and production for all of our customers,” announced Ashley Still, the senior vice president of Digital Media at Adobe. “Generative Fill combines the speed and ease of generative AI with the power and precision of Photoshop, empowering customers to bring their visions to life at the speed of their imaginations,” she added.

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Generative Fill isn’t yet available in the latest version of Photoshop, but if you’re curious about how the tool works, you can download the desktop beta app or try it out within a module of the Firefly beta. Adobe is still tight-lipped about the exact release date of Generative Fill, but says we can expect the new feature to drop sometime in the second half of 2023.

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