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Starlink In Lebanon: An End To Lebanon’s Internet Nightmare?

The Ministry of Telecommunications has looked into the SpaceX satellite system to improve connectivity.



starlink in lebanon an end to lebanon's internet nightmare

While the rest of the world enjoys speedy web browsing and downloads, Lebanon’s internet infrastructure remains a nightmare. The country’s aging or non-existent telecom infrastructure means poor connectivity in remote locations and frequent disconnects and technical issues even in urban areas.

Now, with the Israel-Hamas conflict threatening to spill over into neighboring regions, Lebanon’s already patchy internet connectivity could become even worse, with telecommunications usually one of the first pieces of infrastructure to be targeted during an attack.

To address these problems and provide enhanced connectivity, Lebanon’s Ministry of Telecommunications has explored Elon Musk’s Starlink system, which relies on 3,200 satellites, negating the need for fixed wires and other paraphernalia.

Caretaker Minister of Telecommunications Johnny Corm thinks that Starlink could be the key to solving Lebanon’s internet woes, explaining that “The ministry will grant licenses to companies that will sell this system to individuals through the Ministry of Telecom. We will not have to pay anything,” in response to questions about how such a partnership would work.

Although expensive for individuals, Starlink would allow businesses to expand their operations with faster and more reliable internet connections. In addition, the SpaceX service would enable Lebanon to better connect to the global digital economy.

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However, there are downsides to the satellite-based system. One of the major obstacles is cost, as the technology is much more expensive than traditional cables or fiber optics solutions. Additionally, the satellite signal could be disrupted by bad weather or other natural causes. Finally, the government would need to establish regulations to ensure the service complies with global standards.

Nevertheless, where the Lebanese government has historically been unable to meet citizens’ needs for reliable internet, Starlink has the potential to make a difference and provide a welcome boost to the Lebanese economy in the process.


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