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World’s Most Advanced Robot Joins Museum Of The Future

The robot, named Ameca, will help guide and interact with museum visitors.



world's most advanced robot joins museum of the future

An AI-powered humanoid robot named Ameca has just joined the team of human employees at the Museum of the Future in Dubai. The advanced robot won’t simply issue clunky voice greetings, but will use advanced AI systems to interact with museum visitors.

Engineering Arts are responsible for the eerily humanlike employee, and they claim it’s the most advanced of its type in the entire world. The robot, named Ameca, is able to make different facial expressions, as well as answer questions and greet guests at the Tomorrow Today exhibition in Dubai’s Museum of the Future.

“Human-like artificial intelligence needs a human-like artificial body. Smooth, lifelike motion and advanced facial expression capabilities mean Ameca can strike an instant rapport with anybody. Ameca is the perfect platform to develop interaction between us humans and any metaverse or digital realm,” posts Engineered Arts on its website.

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The Tomorrow Today exhibition is one of several experiences at the museum designed to explore how technology can shape and advance humanity’s future for the better. The exhibition focuses on solving environmental challenges, using more than 50 exhibits across five distinct themes of waste management, environment, food, security, agriculture, and city planning.


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Are You Ready For This Year’s GITEX Shopper Event?

We’re excited to be media partners of this year’s GITEX Shopper event, an extravaganza bringing together all the big names and retailers in electronics.



are you ready for this year's gitex shopper event

GITEX Shopper, the giant 5-day electronics extravaganza, is getting ready to open its doors to the public between December 14 and 18 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The expo brings together all of the top electronic brands and retailers and features huge discounts on all the best tech, plus prize draws, new product launches, interactive displays and much more.

Visitors to GITEX Shopper will be able to grab all of the latest products at the best prices, from gaming consoles and speakers to drones, TV sets, and even e-scooters. This 5-day shopping extravaganza offers exclusive discounts on selected items that can’t be found elsewhere, and there are plenty of shows and demonstrations at the expo to keep the whole family entertained.

To join over 100,000 people at this year’s GITEX Shopper and grab some of 2022’s biggest bargains, head over to the official website to register your interest.

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