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Admitad Is Now “Mitgo”, With Big Investment Planned By 2025

As a multinational company with assets in MarTech, FinTech and more, Mitgo plans to play a big role in the MENA region’s future.



admitad is now mitgo with big investment planned by 2025

Amitad, a global Performance Marketing platform and IT solutions provider, is morphing into “Mitgo”, which will become the new parent holding company for the wider Admitad group.

The move aims to simplify the current corporate structure, allowing the separate entities within the group to develop more freely, alongside plans to launch a startup incubator and entrepreneur network.

Over the past five years, Admitad has seen strong growth in the MENA region, having spent over $30 million in acquisitions and various new project launches. In 2022, the provider’s solutions generated in excess of 130 million orders for 35,000 online merchants and monetized the audiences of 100,000 publishers.

To coincide with the group’s restructuring, founder Alexander Bachmann will step in as CEO of the newly-formed Mitgo.

mitgo ceo alexander bachmann

“The worldwide economy is changing rapidly. By developing its products and investing in promising new projects, Mitgo will make a major contribution to the development of industries such as eCommerce, AdTech, and MarTech. An innovation-focused approach is the very backbone of Mitgo’s business operation. This new company structure will allow us even more freedom to launch ventures, acquire, invest – and attract investment,” says Alexander Bachmann, Mitgo CEO.

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In addition to contributing to various MENA industries, Mitgo will also form a startup incubator, supporting grass-roots initiatives and helping to drive funding to promising new ventures.

As well as offices in 10+ countries and a team of over 700 professionals, Mitgo boasts an extensive family of companies under its umbrella. From coupon and voucher advertising solutions such as FairSavings to influencer marketing from ConvertSocial, the group continues to grow from strength to strength, with further investments of $75-$100 million planned before 2025.


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ABB E-mobility Delivers Its Millionth EV Charger

Continued growth has been facilitated by doubling production capacity after the launch of the company’s new DC fast charger facility in Valdarno, Italy.



abb e-mobility delivers its millionth ev charger

ABB is a leader in electrification and automation solutions and has just announced the delivery of its millionth electric vehicle charger — the latest milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to create an emission-free future using smart and reliable EV charging solutions.

ABB currently boasts a presence in over 85 markets. After the launch of the company’s new $30 million, 16,000 squared meter production facility in Valdarno, Italy, production capacity has doubled over the last two years. The cutting-edge manufacturing plant recently set a new benchmark for the EV sector, producing a fast charger unit every 20 minutes, thanks to the high-tech factory’s seven simultaneous production lines.

abb e-mobility ev charger factory

“While our continual investment in research and development shows our ongoing commitment to enhance the field of e-mobility, the global delivery of these solutions at scale is integral to the realization of our goals. I want to thank our customers globally for their continued collaboration in hitting this one millionth charger milestone. I look forward to the millions yet to come, and to the cleaner, greener world they will help create,” says Frank Mühlon, ABB E-mobility CEO.

In the United Arab Emirates, ABB has installed over 80 fast and high-power DC charging stations, making it one of the largest projects from a single brand in the region. The biggest station is in Yas, Abu Dhabi, and offers 20 DC fast and high-power chargers for owners of emissions-free vehicles.

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“We are proud that ABB chargers are today powering electric vehicles across strategic locations in the country, including the sites of the Dubai Utility provider, DEWA, and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Most of the car manufacturers and dealers in the UAE have ABB chargers in their showrooms and as well as car parking areas. We are confident ABB’s technical know-how, products, and research in the field of E-Mobility will continue to support the decision-makers in the Middle East to drive the transition to an emission-free future,” says Ahmed Abdu, E-mobility division lead, MENA region.

In addition to its Italian facility, ABB E-mobility has continued its global expansion. Earlier this month, the company announced a new United States facility that will eventually turn out over 10,000 chargers per year for the public sector, providing power to school buses and other fleets. As well as expansion into the USA, ABB E-mobility’s stake in Chinese charging provider, Chargedot, opens up another lucrative market for the EV charging giant.

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