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“Mother Of All Breaches” Exposes 26 Billion Data Records

The files encompass a massive 12 terabytes of personal information from various sources, including Adobe, Canva, and X.



mother of all breaches exposes 26 billion data records

An extensive database consisting of a staggering 26 billion meticulously curated and reindexed data records has recently appeared on an unprotected online platform. This dataset, referred to by experts as the “Mother of all Breaches” (MOAB), encompasses an astonishing 12 terabytes of personal information sourced from various websites, including several big industry names:

  • X (281 million)
  • Tencent QQ (1.5 billion)
  • Adobe (153 million)

The repository of sensitive data encompasses usernames and passwords from tools like Canva to government records from the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, and more.

The discovery of the data trove is down to the diligent efforts of Bob Dyachenko, a cybersecurity researcher and the proprietor of, along with the collaborative work of the Cybernews team, who have been investigating its origins.

mother of all breaches leak list

The research community believes that the owner has a vested interest in storing large amounts of data and could be a malicious actor, data broker, or other large-scale service with the capability to mine massive volumes of data.

The sheer magnitude of the records alone is cause for profound concern. The MOAB is probably the largest “compilation of multiple breaches” (COMB). Enough to arm malicious entities with abundant ammunition to carry out “identity theft, sophisticated phishing schemes, and targeted cyberattacks,” according to Dyachenko.

A faint silver lining of the breach is the confirmation that a significant portion of the records are outdated. Primarily, the MOAB is an amalgamation of prior breaches and leaks, albeit with numerous duplications.

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With that being said, experts also warn that many people use the same passwords across services like Netflix and Gmail, allowing attackers to use the information from MOAB to breach more sensitive accounts.

The full extent and implications of the “Mother Of All Breaches” remain undetermined. The immediate priority lies in uncovering the source and motivation behind this colossal data repository. In the interim, it’s vital to ensure you haven’t used the same password across multiple services or, at the very least, to periodically change those in use.


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Hamad International Wins 2024 Skytrax World Airport Awards

The Qatar airport also won “World’s Best Airport Shopping” for the 2nd time, and “Best Airport in the Middle East” for the 10th year.



hamad international wins 2024 skytrax world airport awards

Hamad International Airport (DOH) in Doha, Qatar, has once again won the “World’s Best Airport” title at the Skytrax World Airport Awards. The award ceremony, held at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, also saw Hamad clinch the accolade of “World’s Best Airport Shopping” for the 2nd time in a row and “Best Airport in the Middle East” for an impressive 10th consecutive year.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, who played a key role in the airport’s development over the past decade, said: “This is a remarkable achievement for Hamad International Airport, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary of operational excellence, connecting passengers seamlessly from all around the world. It is a testament to the dedication of our team and partners, who have contributed to providing passengers with the finest travel experience”.

hamad international airport doha qatar

Al-Meer emphasized the importance of understanding changing travel trends and the needs of modern air passengers: “At the heart of our growth strategy lies the passengers’ journey, their evolving needs, and our commitment to meeting and exceeding their expectations. We have introduced a diverse range of experiences at the airport, including Souq Al Matar, which brings Qatari hospitality and culture closer to travelers, “Orchard”, the ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation between flights, and an array of high-end lounges”.

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Hamad International Airport saw a massive 31% surge in passenger traffic during 2023, with the transport hub now serving over 45 million passengers annually. The airport is now home to prestigious airlines, including Vistara, Iberia, Xiamen Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, and Japan Airlines, serving 250+ destinations for passenger and cargo flights.

The uptick in traffic is no doubt due to the completion of the first phase of an extensive expansion project. Hamad’s management intends to radically update the airport’s facilities over the coming years in a bid to create the “airport of the future”. The expansion features a unique and calming environment of lush greenery and several contemporary dining and shopping concepts among the already well-equipped leisure facilities.

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