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Saudi National Day 2022 To Be Held In The Metaverse

Developed by creative agency The Bold Group, Saudi Arabia will host its first ever National Day as a virtual event, complete with collectable NFT wearables.



saudi national day 2022 to be held in the metaverse

The concept behind the metaverse is that of a persistent, 3D online world combining multiple virtual spaces. The metaverse will be a place where users can work, game, and socialize together in a digital environment. On the 22-24th of September 2022, the online universe will edge closer to the mainstream, hosting the first ever Saudi National Day as a virtual event.

The pioneering online festival has been organized and developed by The Bold Group in collaboration with the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah). The event will showcase immersive 3D spaces, enabling visitors to tour the Kingdom and soak up the local heritage, landmarks, food, culture, music, and more.

saudi national day 2022 metaverse

As well as the experience of a virtual visit to Saudi Arabia, the Bold Group’s decentralized platform will feature iconic wearable national attire in the form of NFTs. The organizers will also provide POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) as a limited edition collectible NFT so virtual tourists can show off their participation in the world’s first virtual Saudi National Day.

“We’re witnessing a major transformation in the Saudi digital industry where Saudi Arabia is being increasingly recognized as a key player in the global technology scene […] Disruptive technologies like the metaverse is the future, and we at The Bold Group aim to be a key player in that evolution. The idea to usher in the Saudi National Day […] was inspired by the challenge of convening people across the Kingdom’s 13 different regions to celebrate Saudi Arabia in one virtual space,” says Ziad AbuRjaily, Creative Technology Director in the Bold Experience Unit.

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Saudi Arabia is currently at the cutting edge of the world’s digital transformation and aims to become a global technology hub. Groundbreaking events like the Saudi National Day will further highlight the region as a place where innovation and creativity flourish, putting the Kingdom at the center of the rapidly expanding metaverse.


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LEAP 2024 Will Shine A Light On Female Innovators In Technology

Women comprise nearly a third of the event’s speaker lineup alongside a dedicated program of high-level content, investment, and mentorship.



leap 2024 will shine a light on female innovators in technology

LEAP 2024, a premier global technology event, will highlight the achievements of women in the technology sector as it returns for its third edition at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Centre in Malham district from March 4 to 7.

Hosted by Tahaluf, a strategic collaboration between Informa PLC, the Events Investment Fund (EIF), and the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones (SAFCSP), LEAP 2024 will feature a dedicated program titled “Women in Tech”. The program will offer enriching content, investment opportunities, networking sessions, mentorship programs, and a special startup award.

leap 2024 event women in tech

The initiative aims to inspire women to actively participate in the technology industry, aligning with broader diversity efforts. Reflecting the Kingdom’s commitment to equality, the focus on “Women in Tech” coincides with the increasing female participation at LEAP events.

Annabelle Mander, Senior Vice President of Tahaluf, emphasized the event’s commitment to gender inclusivity, stating, “Female representation is across all of LEAP’s features and reflects the event’s mission of driving economic diversification and providing market access to international business. Within Tahaluf itself, half of our team members are women, and women make up half of our SMT, too”.

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The “Women in Tech” program will feature distinguished speakers including Nadine Hachach Haram, CEO and Founder of Proximie, and Sahar Albanarna from IMPACTIQUE Bahrain, who explained: “Over 26 million women worldwide with professional experience and degrees are not in the global workplace. This demographic includes a huge pool of untapped talent which technology can help unleash to fuel the co-creation of exponential solutions across multiple sectors. To help women access productive employment, we urge industry leaders to support high-impact female entrepreneurs as a means to boost their economies and accelerate the UN’s sustainable development goals by promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth”.

The event will also provide a platform for female-led startups and entrepreneurs to pitch for funding and support through various initiatives such as the Women’s Investor Forum, Entrepreneur Mentorship Scheme, and the Aviatrix Award at the Rocket Fuel pitch competition, offering a prize fund of US$150,000.

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